Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2014 in review...


I hope you all had a lovely festive period, I can't believe this time last week we were all getting ready for Santa to make an appearance. I have been completely swept up in Christmas and this is probably the first time I have been able to sit down and recap.

After a pretty shocking 2014, I am glad to say that I want this year as far behind me as possible and am really looking forward to what 2015 has to offer. Life has been so up and down this year, more downs than ups unfortunately. By March I was totally ready for the year to be over from my beautiful nan having a stroke, being diagnosed with dementia and having to go into a home in the space of a few months to my beloved childhood cat that had been with me since I was 8 years old being put to sleep, lets just say that this really stopped any normality that i was used to. My confidence was also knocked greatly when I had a fall and smashed my face on a table at work. My lip and nose had to be glued back together and at the time I thought it was the worst thing ever, looking back it could have been a whole lot worse and I am so grateful it wasn't a lot more serious! The downs really started to affect me as a person and it has taken me a good few months to snap out of it. Hence the blog and lots of other things taking a back seat this year. It's so easy to get stuck in an unhappy place and whenever I feel back there I have to keep reminding myself that there are so many people in a worse situation than me and tomorrow is a brand new day.

This year hasn't been all doom and gloom though. Things definitely started to pick up by the end of the year, although thoughts of my nan are always at the back of my mind I now find the situation easier to cope with. In August I brought a Mini Cooper after months of searching for the perfect colour and boy am I in love. I took out my first loan, to pay for it so looks like I am a proper grown up now! Another amazing thing that happened in October was getting a new job. After months of searching, I finally took the risk and left a job that I was so unhappy in and I have to admit it was the best decision ever. Don't get me wrong, I miss my old work guys terribly but not the actual job at all!

2015 is looking so exciting already. I'm going by the expression that I am 'starting as I mean to go on', so me and Lewis have just booked a holiday to Kefalonia in July, I have the countdown all set up on my phone and am super excited! We will also be celebrating 10 years together in April, I'm not sure exactly what we are doing to celebrate yet, but this is definitely an achievement putting up with him for that long..I joke of course! 2015 will also see Papa Bear turn 60 so we are frantically trying to decide how to celebrate. This year will also be the year that I am going to be an Auntie again! So yes 2015 is looking a lot more positive!

I have also decided that this year is the year that I make more of an effort. To go out more, To blog more, to take more photos, to just be me take every opportunity I can!

Anyway, here is to everyone having an amazing 2015 filled with love and joy! I didn't intend for this post to go so personal, but I actually feel refreshed writing it all down. So if you are still reading, thank you! :) I also want to say a humungous thank you for all sticking around this year, I know I haven't been the greatest blogger as everything has just taken over a little bit but this is definitely going to change! Thank you all for being so understanding and I am sending you all lots of love! 

See you in the New Year! ♥
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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

nails inc - exhibition road

nails inc exhibition roadnails inc exhibition road swatch review
available from nails inc & Debenhams

Nothing says Christmas quite like a glitter nail polish. I was feeling a bit festive whilst I was out shopping (when do I not feel festive) and discovered this little beauty. Please excuse the length of my nails in the photo, I had a bit of a breakage spree so they all ended up snapping within days of each other.

I haven't brought a new nail polish in forever, I was actually beginning to forget what the nails inc counter looked like! But after what felt like forever deciding, I finally caved and brought Exhibition Road. This polish is a mixture of large lilac and gold pieces of glitter in a clear base. I prefer an intense glitter hit, so used 3 layers for boldness but could easily have used 1 coat layered over a different colour too. The finished effect looks a lot like mermaid scales layered like this, as the pieces are bigger they tend to fall over each other really nicely. The colours are really nice together too, it's not until you look closely that you can see the tint of purple but it is still neutral enough to go with everything.

My only niggle is that this really doesn't last a long time at all! I have tried a variation of top coats and base coats and the maximum it has lasted on me is 2 days before it started to peel off in one go. So if anybody has any ideas on making this last longer, please share! ♥
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Sunday, 9 November 2014

five things I have loved this week.. #12

I really don't know why I have found it so hard to find time to blog lately. I find myself getting home from work, sitting at the computer and just staring with a blank mind. I am so not used to working with computers all day, so I have a feeling it must be that! I think that may take a bit of getting used to but hopefully I can power through it and get back into a routine.

I keep seeming to miss this post, but here is five things that I have found myself loving this week..

I was playing with my niece and her dolls house this week, when the cat decided it was his turn to join in. I found it hilarious but she was less than impressed that he was ruining her game.

I have spent the weekend helping to clear out my nan's house as she has had to move into a home. The whole process has been filled with so many mixed emotions but I have had the chance to rediscover a whole new world of photographs which made me smile a lot.

This is my mum's new favourite Yankee Candle scent and gosh does it make me think of Christmas. I absolutely love it and if you are looking for a festive winter smell this is definitely it.

Forget the John Lewis advert. When this came on the TV during X Factor on Saturday, I let out a little scream. Christmas is most definitely on its way now!
I found this app on my phone and have been addicted to it ever since. You create your own android robot, by changing all different features and making it look like you or anybody you want really. Simple but addictive.

I hope you enjoyed my five loves this week. Also it's 46 sleeps until Christmas, how exciting! ♥

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Monday, 3 November 2014

halloween weekend

So, this past week has absolutely flown by. It started really slowly, mainly because I was so scared starting my new job, but before I knew it, it was the weekend. Now it's Monday and I can finally sit down, so thought I would have a bit of a catch up!
So like I said, I started my new job and so far I am loving it. Even after 1 week I know I have totally made the right decision. One thing that I loved even more was getting this weekend off, I never used to get weekends off so this was one thing that I was seriously looking forward to. It just so happened that this weekend fell on Halloween so I had a few spooky things going on.
jack skellington pumpkin
'and I Jack, the pumpkin king..'

My mum made a little mini Halloween buffet for my nieces. The worms sweets at the bottom of the cup were definitely my gory idea!

elsa pumpkin

Zombifying myself ready for a Pub Crawl.

Miserable Zombies.

fireworks display
Ending the weekend with a firework display.


So that is my halloween weekend all wrapped up. Starting with a zombie pub crawl and finishing with a cosy fireworks display, just how I like it.

What did you all get up to? ♥
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Monday, 27 October 2014

funky christmas jumpers

I had every intention of doing my weekly loves post today as I didn't manage to get it done yesterday, but this post is just way more exciting! I was recently contacted by Funky Christmas Jumpers to see if I would like a Christmas jumper to try. Now as you will all know, I am a huge fan of Christmas and probably say every year that I wish I could wear jumpers all year round, so when I read this email I let out a little squeal.

funky christmas jumpers red rudolph
funky christmas jumpers
Jumper: c/o Funky Christmas Jumpers *
 Jeans: Love Label
The jumper I was kindly sent couldn't have been more me. I mean it's Rudolph, what's not to love! I got a Medium and I would say sizing is pretty spot on, except the sleeves. I seem to have problems with the sleeves of every jumper that I buy though, I think I just have abnormally short arms! This jumper is so warm and snuggly and definitely put a good old festive smile on my face! Next on my hitlist has to be this Elf Jumper, honestly I cannot wait until payday when I can go Christmas Jumper mad again.
Reluctantly I have now put this away until it is the right month to wear it, but on a good note it is only 58 days to go! ♥
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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

maybelline color drama lipstick - red essential

maybelline color drama
maybelline color drama review
maybelline color drama

I really don't think I can go into Boots without buying something. I actually went in a few weeks ago with my mum so she could buy some holiday bits. Obviously this meant that I had to walk past the makeup aisle before I got there. I saw this pencil and knew I needed to try it as I have become a huge fan of lip crayons lately and you can't beat a red lip. 
maybelline red essential swatch
maybelline color drama red essential
Available from Boots and Superdrug.

My face seemed to be extremely red when I took these photos, so there is no full face picture, sorry! I don't really know why I am saying sorry, maybe it's a blessing to not see my face HA! I find with my scar that I seem to have really good days where you can't see it and bad ones when thats all you can see..I probably notice it more on myself though. Anyway enough of my rambling, onto the lipstick...

Red Essential is a true, bright red a little deeper than MAC Ruby Woo but still as vibrant. The colour is very classic and a perfect, elegant red. 

The pencil isn't too thick to hold which makes it so much easier to apply to the lips more accurately. The nib is very soft although it does tug ever so slightly. I found this did smudge on me a little though but I'm not sure if I was just having one of those clumsy days where I just seem to forget I am wearing lipstick then next thing I know it's smudged. I really like the formula of these, I would say they are Maybelline's take on the NARS pencils although I wouldn't say they are as creamy, but still not a bad match at all and a lot cheaper too!

This lasted on me for a good few hours before needing to be touched up and that was from drinking a few glasses of wine too, so not bad for the price at all!

I will definitely repurchase, I just need to choose between them all for the next shade! 
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Monday, 20 October 2014

five things I have loved this week.. #11

Sorry I never posted this yesterday, I decided to update my MacBook thinking it was a good idea. 5 hours later and it was still updating meaning I could get nothing done which was a tad annoying! Anywho we are back now with a few things that I have loved this last week!

I know this is a blogger favourite anyway but when my mum brought this back from the good old land of duty free for me, I instantly fell in love. I have wanted this lipstick for ages and mentioned it just on the off chance that she would be able to pick it up for me. A review will definitely be going up on this pronto!

I have mentioned before that I absolutely love colourful skulls and this little dude travelled all of the way back from Mexico to join my collection!

Since starting this blog, I seem to have started a little tradition with my mum in that we can't settle for normal chocolate Advent Calendars anymore. Like last year, she has gone for Yankee Candle and I have gone for the Ciaté nail polish calendar.

I saw this picture on We Heart It and it really did make me giggle! Any joke involving Spiderman, I love.

I absolutely love Ella Eyre, she is beautiful and her voice is absolutely to die for. This song has been stuck in my head all week, although I will admit it did take me a good while to find the version that doesn't have any swears in it to show you.

I hope you all have a lovely week! 
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Monday, 13 October 2014

MAC retro matte lipstick - flat out fabulous

mac flat out fabulous
mac flat out fabulous lipstick
mac flat out fabulous swatch

I have had this lipstick since right back in my haul post here, but haven't been able to wear it until recently as my lip started to heal. I must admit not being able to wear lipstick for a while really threw me, I know it sounds silly but I really missed a good old swipe of lippie in the morning. I have had a bit of an addiction to stocking them up for when I could wear them again so now I can I think I have a bit too much choice in the mornings. I chose this shade after falling in love instantly after swatching and knew I needed to have it in my life.
mac flat out fabulous review
uk beauty blog
Available from MAC and Debenhams.

Flat Out Fabulous is a beautiful vivid pink which I have fallen so in love with. MAC describe it as a 'bright plum matte' although I would say this is way more pink than plum, but has a huge fuschia tone running through it. To me, it is like a perfect winter pink as it still has a bit of a berry feel about it. It does look a lot darker in the bullet than it comes across as, as you will see it is definitely a lot more vibrant in real life. The colour itself is perfect for a night out or if you are like me, just to glam up a daytime look with simple eye makeup.

The formula of this is perfect, it doesn't bleed, lose colour or anything. I seem to change my mind all of the time, but currently this is my favourite finish as it just sits perfectly. I actually wore this for a 10 hour shift and only had to touch up the corners at lunchtime, if I hadn't eaten I honestly think I wouldn't have needed to touch it at all either. For a matte based formula it doesn't feel too drying at all, but then I don't seem to have a huge problem with matte finishes anyway. This will probably haunt me when the weather gets colder and I will be moaning that my lips are dry though!

When I think of how a lipstick should be, to me this is perfect and I know it will be a colour that will be automatically replaced every time it is used up. 
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