Friday, 6 December 2013

l'oreal free gift

loreal free gift christmas 2013
l'oreal free gift review

In the midst of Christmas shopping, I have managed to bagsy myself a nice little free gift. Well I have got to keep something for myself haven't I? I find Christmas shopping so stressful sometimes, especially as I tend to leave it until the last minute every year and run around on my lunch breaks panicking! I have tried to be a bit more organised this year and make a list, which has been so far so good, so fingers crossed I won't feel as stressed come Christmas eve! But I am sure I will forget something like I always do!

Currently if you spend over £15 on l'oreal in Boots, you receive this cheeky little freebie. So obviously when my mum wanted one of their mascaras, I ticked a christmas present off the list and gained free gift for me..perfect! In the set, this is what you get...

l'oreal volume million lashes swatch
volume million lashes mascara
l'oreal volume million lashes glitter swatch

Volume Million Lashes Glitter Top Coat
This mascara is really cute for the festive season. The glitter is so sparkly and catches the light really nicely, without being too OTT. I applied it on top of my normal mascara, to add just a slight twinkle but I'm sure it could be layered up if a bold glitter is what you are after.

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l'oreal color riche scarlett creme
l'oreal color riche scarlett creme swatch

Color Riche Lipstick 'Scarlett Creme'
I love this lipstick! The formula is so creamy and just glides on the lips with ease. The colour is so vibrant, a classic pin up red which stays really shiny the whole time it is on.

l'oreal color riche rouge pin up swatch

Color Riche Nail Polish 'Rouge Pin Up'
I do love matching my nail and lip colour together and these match perfectly. This is a solid festive red which is fully opaque in 2 coats too. 

Overall this selection is perfect for christmas. Classic red and sparkles are perfect for the festive season and I think this gift is well worth the £15 spend as I was going to buy that mascara anyway! 
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  1. That glittery mascara is amazing! I'm impressed you managed to get a photo with glitter showing up. I can never do that.

    1. It is very sparkly isn't it?! Haha thankyou, I always find its better to take glitter at an angle :)

  2. Replies
    1. It really is! And its definitely worth it if you are buying l'oreal :)

  3. Love the nail polish, may have to pop in to get one today.
    Really like your blog.
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