Thursday, 5 December 2013

ciaté mini mani month day 5

ciate mini mani month
ciate advent calendar

Today has absolutely flown past, you know when you have a day with a zillion things planned and no time to fit them in? Well that's me today, although I did manage to get most of my christmas shopping done as nobody wants to brave Toys R Us at the weekend, do they?

Here is todays addition from my advent calendar..

ciateé encore nail polish
ciate encore swatch
ciate advent calendar day 5
ciaté advent

Todays polish is called...encore! This is a terracotta shade which leans a bit more orangey than photographed. I seem to be having so much trouble taking photos on these miserable days, so if anyone has any tips, please share them with me!

Encore is pretty similar to the other shades that have been opened, but I found this one is a lot more wearable, especially for winter. I really like the texture of this shade too, as it feels a lot more creamier to apply. 

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  1. Ciate did the same thing last year they didn't really mix the shades up so I ended up with all the pinks and reds at one time. Still pretty nonetheless xx

    1. Hopefully I will get a completely different shade tomo! :) *fingers crossed*

  2. such a pretty color of manicure very classy :) xx


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