ciaté mini mani month day 20

Hello! Here is yesterdays advent post, I started running late again due to the late nights at work. Who would have thought that this is the last late night I will be doing before Christmas, scary stuff! So yeah, a late followed by an early meant no advent post for the 20th, so here it is!
ciate door 20
ciate ivory queen swatch
ciate mini mani month door 20
Todays polish is called…ivory queen! a shimmery peach toned colour.

Now as soon as I opened this colour, I instantly thought I had doubled up as it looks exactly the same in the bottle as members only, which I opened behind door 16. It wasn’t until I painted this on, that I realised how different they are. This is a lot thicker than members only and has more of a creamy base, which I think I prefer. I think this is a very wearable colour especially for spring and I really like the golden flecks! 

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