Sunday, 29 December 2013

sunday nails #52 - my favourites!

I cannot believe I have been doing Sunday nails for a year now! I absolutely love doing these nail posts on a Sunday, so thought instead of doing another one (as you are probably still getting over the nail overload on this blog from advent) I would show you my favourites!
sunday nails collection

All of the names above are clickable, so you can view the full post or click here to view the full Sunday Nails collection! 

I do love doing a bit of nail art when I have the patience and love testing out new varnish's too. I try to mix it up a bit throughout the year, let me know your favourites too! 
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christmas catch-up!

I really hope that you all had a lovely Christmas! It's so strange to think that this time last week, I was so excited getting ready for the big day. I had an absolutely amazing time, even if it did go way too quickly. Naturally, I spent most of Christmas eating and being merry but I did manage to take a few photos too. Here are some of my favourites showing how we do christmas in my house!

christmas cracker making

Christmas eve is always spent Cracker making. This year I ended up breaking more crackers than I made somehow, but that meant that more nail varnish prizes were kept for myself. (Not deliberate, promise!)

glitter pine cones

Mum and Dad made their own glittery pine cones this year, after mum saying she was going to do it for about 4 years running!

topshop christmas nail wraps

I was so excited to put these nail wraps on from topshop as I haven't ever seen such festive nails. These lasted amazingly well too, I put them on Christmas eve and they lasted until the end of Boxing day, that was with a full shift at work too!

beauty blog

My Christmassy FOTD. I had to use my favourite Red lipstick (Ronnie Red!) I even managed to make that hat stay on my head all day too, without being stolen by my 5 year old niece!

christmas dinner

The Roast dinner. This was actually boxing days dinner (but just as nice!) as I made the family wait until I had finished work to have dinner together!

I have loved reading all of your Christmassy posts, so thought I would just show you mine too! 
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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

I just want to take this time to wish all you lovely readers the most amazing Christmas! I hope you all get spoilt rotten and have the best time! I will definitely be doing a catch up post, after the big day (providing I'm not sick from too many Mince Pies!) 
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ciaté mini mani month day 24

It's Christmas eve! Which also means the last day of my advent calendar, I have really enjoyed doing this series and I hope you have enjoyed reading it too! I am well on the way in the festivities now and can't wait to see what santa brings. So for the last time, here is what is behind door 24!

ciate serendipity 24 polish
ciate advent day 24
ciate serendipity polish
ciate day 24

Today's polish is called...Serendipity! A rose coloured glitter.

Although I never looked, this is the one polish that was kept a surprise and wasn't printed on the back of the box. It is a full size bottle and I absolutely love the colour, sparkly but not to in your face too!

I have loved this advent calendar and know that I will use every shade, whether it be in nail art or just as a simple painted colour! Enjoy the rest of your Christmas Eve! 

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Monday, 23 December 2013

ciaté mini mani month day 23

I cannot believe it is Christmas eve tomorrow. Seriously time has flown and like usual I still haven't got all of my shopping done..whoopsie! I think a last minute trip to the shops will be in need tomorrow, which is something I hate doing but hopefully I will get up early enough to have it done first thing. 

Here is what I opened today in door 23 of my advent..

ciate locket polish
ciate door 23 advent
ciate advent calendar 23
ciate locket polish swatch

Today's polish is called...locket! a selection of different sized silver glitter particles.

I really like the effect of this polish and it manages to catch the light amazingly! The base is made from a metallic silver polish with glitter thrown in for good measure. I know I will use this a lot as it will go with everything! 

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