sunday nails #48 – l'oreal color riche 'bling bling bang'

Hello loves, this week I thought I would show you the latest addition to my nail varnish collection and yes it is yet another glitter! But hey, you can never have too many glitters at this time of year so lets just say i’m being festive!
l'oreal bling bling bang swatch review
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l'oreal color riche carat collection
l;oreal color riche bling bling bang

The shade I chose is called Bling Bling Bang which is from the l’oreal color riche carat collection and is a bright royal blue glitter with a slight purple tint to it. The formula reminds me of a gel slightly to apply, it has a sparse amount of glitter on the first coat but can be layered up easily. Although I wouldn’t recommend layering it over another colour unless you wanted a slight blue tint to the colour underneath as the base is blue, not clear. The colour comes across a lot less purple than it looks in the bottle, I’m not too sure why but it does look a lot bluer in real life.

It takes 3 coats to get solid glitter and I thought after the first coat I was going to hate it as there was hardly any glitter compared to the bottle, but it shows that it pays to be persistent! The second coat really does make a difference. The finished look reminds me of nails inc.’s nail jewellery range down to the different sized glitter pieces and fullness of the glitter and its less than half the price too!

I definitely took advantage of the different 3 for 2 offers floating around and have Scarlet Tinsel to try next! I hope you all have a lovely rest of your Sunday! 

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