Sunday, 10 November 2013

sunday nails #46 - midnight sparkle nails

Hello! I hope you have all had a lovely day. I have literally spent the day being freezing cold, who knows what I am going to do when the winter sets in properly. You will probably find me snuggled in bed with copious amounts of hot chocolate to get me through. 

The winter is definitely where I have found my inspiration for this weeks nails, think winter evenings and glistening snow.

nails inc bling it on swatch
uk nail blog
nails inc bling it on midnight

I used the nails inc. bling it on midnight set to create this effect. I love how universal it can be, but do find it really messy as it leaks glitter everywhere which can be quite hard to clean. For winter though this colour combination is perfect and really easy to do.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! 



  1. This looks so pretty! The base shade is lovely x


    1. Thankyou, its very wintery looking! :)

  2. Oh this is just gorgeous. I can see this looking glam for Christmas parties. I wish I bought the bling it on set now. I might have to track this down next pay day :-) thanks for sharing. Xx

    1. Yes its definitely worth finding, there is so many different varieties to chose from now too! :)


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