christmas gift ideas: fragrance

Every year I always seem to have a new perfume on my christmas list. There is just something so special about discovering a different scent and lets face it, everyone wants to smell nice! Lewis feels exactly the same about aftershaves, so you will always find us swapping fragrances at christmas. I usually stick to my trusty Jean Paul Gaultier, but every now again I will branch out and try something new..what a rebel!
Fragrance Direct has an amazing range of fragrances this year, especially with a bit of a his and hers theme going on. The range of fragrance and makeup on there is amazing, so there is something for everyone especially if you are sticking to a bit of a budget.
paco rabanne blck xs hers review
paco rabanne black xs hers
Paco Rabanne Black XS Her* c/o fragrance Direct
This perfume comes in the cutest pink packaging with a nice grungy rose feel to it. The scent is lovely and fruity with a slight vanilla hint. It’s not too heavy for spring either, so it is defintely a scent you could wear all year round.
paco rabanne black xs his reviewpaco rabanne black xs his
Paco Rabanne Black XS Him* c/o Fragrance Direct

I absolutely love the smell of this. It is perfect for someone who likes a musky scent with a slight sweet overlay. Like the female version, it has a fruity hint but still keeps the masculine musk.

Originally I was going to add Lewis’ opinions of the fragrances but in typical boy terms all I could get out of him was ‘smells nice’ although he did say he would purchase them both, which is good enough for me!

To me, both of these would make perfect gifts, both separately or to a couple. I do love when you get a shower gel as part of a gift set as the scent lasts forever that way. 



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