Sunday, 27 October 2013

sunday nails #45 - halloween

Sunday nails wouldn't be Sunday nails without a seasonal themed post, so obviously this week I had to do something for Halloween! I mentioned before that I like a more toned down/cute version of Halloween, so thought I would do some themed nails without being too scary.

cat ghost dracula frankenstein nail art
halloween nail art
sunday nails
halloween nails

These were so fun to do and surprisingly easy too, all you need is a small nail art brush and dotting tool. The actual faces remind me of lego characters too, especially the ghost!

What are your plans for halloween? I'm having a mini party with my nieces and nephews including a pumpkin carving competition which I will obviously win! 



  1. I really love your nails, they look so cute! Could you follow back?

  2. So cute! I love the pumpkin, the orange nail varnish is amazing!!

    Love your blog hun, just followed on bloglovin :)



    1. Aww thanks and thankyou for following! :)


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