Saturday, 26 October 2013


Now I love creating wishlists and pondering through how people put outfits together. So when I was told about the website Stylight, I knew I would love it straightaway. 

The concept of Stylight is to create different outfits yourself or browse through how others style and 'heart' them. You can also heart certain products which go onto a kind of wishlist type page too. Below is what the current trending looks are on the site, which can be hearted and viewed in more detail.

Ultimately you create a kind of mood board of products/looks that you love that can be used as inspiration, similar to Pinterest but more fashion based. There is a hashtag system, so if there is a certain brand or item that you are looking for you can search for that too, which is so handy. Brands seem to range from Vans to Prada so there really is something for everyone!

Another great feature is that you can click on the link of a product you like to actually buy the product, this is really not so helpful to my purse though! 

I haven't uploaded any looks myself yet, but I definitely will. I had a look at the process and this seems easy enough, just by adding photos and brands to create a new look. I know I will be using this for my fashion based posts as it is really fun to use too! 

To sign up to stylight just click here, all you need is an email address! 


  1. I have been on this website and love this idea I want everything on the site tho but love how it shows items from highend to hughstreet shops

    Carrieanne x

  2. Such a great site! (:

    Kelly x


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