Monday, 7 October 2013


Guess who's back?! Well if you haven't guessed, its me obviously..ha! I had an amazing holiday in Tenerife with the fam, now that I am back it feels like I have never been away, don't you just hate that feeling?! The weather out there was amazing, some days by the pool it said 42degrees. I don't think I am relying on that thermometer too much though as that sounds slightly high.
I thought I would show you some of the photos that I took whilst I was away. Even looking at these are giving me that instant longing feeling to be back there!

uk lifestyle blog
cactus tenerife
tenerife mountain

I think Lewis' favourite saying on holiday was 'hamburguesa con queso por favor?' and now because of that, apparently he can speak fluent spanish ha! Coming back though, I think I want to try to learn Spanish. I say this after every holiday, but I just think it is so clever how people can flick between languages so I would say I am more determined this time.

I done a few trips whilst in Tenerife, so check back this week to see where I went! I am so much more relaxed now and have so many ideas for posts, I can't wait to share them. 



  1. Your photos are lovely & the blog is fun!
    I am nominating you for a Liester Award - I will have it up on my website soon.
    All the best, Mimi


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