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As you may already know if you follow me on twitter, my internet has been broken for a few days. Obviously its fixed now as I wouldn’t be typing up this post but hopefully it will explain my absence after my holiday posts! I only really had mobile internet and I think I would have gone mad trying to type up a whole post on my phone, so I have spent my spare blogging time playing Pokemon X like the cool kid I am. (any fans out there?) Alas I am back now though, ready to blog, blog, blog!
A holiday wouldn’t be a holiday for me if I didn’t come home with any make up. Usually I spend the rest of my money at duty free, but everything turned out to be just as expensive as back here, so disappointingly I didn’t bother. I did manage to treat myself to 2 lipsticks whilst on holiday though from a brand called Flormar. I have never really heard of Flormar before but when I walked past their store I was instantly drawn in. The whole look of the shop was laid out like a boutique make up counter and outside of the store was a huge bottle of nail varnish, which was obviously what I noticed first. After a little lot of swatching I came away with 2 new lipsticks and of course a nail varnish.
Now originally I was going to do a haul post, but I figured you can’t really haul 3 items so I am going to show you them individually.
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 flormar deluxe cashmere stylo lipstick dc35
 flormar deluxe cashmere stylo lipstick review
 flormar deluxe cashmere stylo lipstick dc35 swatch
flormar lipstick

The first shade I chose is called DC35. The lipstick swatches as a dusky pink with very fine glitter particles in. The colour is bold enough to show you are wearing a nice flush of colour but also subtle enough for everyday wear. I even have to say that I am quite a fan of the glitter which normally I would have found myself hating.
The packaging of this looks really elegant, with a slightly similar design to higher end brands. I really like the gold sheen although it does tend to get covered in fingerprints which I do find myself trying to wipe off all of the time.
When applying on the lips this does feel slightly rough. I think this may be down to the glitter pieces but it does give it a bit of a gritty feel. Flormar claim that this lipstick contains shea butter and cacao butter to help hydrate and protect but I have to be honest and say that unfortunately all I could feel was the glitter on my lips so they didn’t feel very soft at all. I should have probably thought of the texture when I picked one with glitter in though so I can’t complain too much!
Overall, I really like the colour it is just the texture that puts me off slightly, I may try putting a balm over the top thought to make the feel a bit softer.
Tomorrow I will be reviewing a lipstick with a different finish so come back to see how I got on with that one! 



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