Wednesday, 30 October 2013

stripy halloween nails

This year I seem in a bit more of a halloween spirit than normal. My brother is getting married on Saturday, so my other brother and his family are coming here from Wales. We have decided to have a little impromptu Halloween party for the little'uns although I think I am more excited than them. Thinking about it, this is probably where my excitement is coming from.

I was looking through my nail varnish drawers, when I noticed this nail polish and instantly knew what I was going to do with it. Don't you just love it when that happens?! 

uk nail blog
halloween nails
illamasqua gamma

I used Illamasqua 'gamma' for the base, which is the most incredible Orange shade that I have ever seen. Usually I use striping tape to create sharp lines and designs, but this time I decided to use black and keep that as part of the design. I think these are nice and simple but not too OTT if you don't want an extreme Halloween design. 


Tuesday, 29 October 2013

he's the hero gotham deserves.

The weather is definitely starting to get a bit chillier these days. I'm kind of at that stage between t-shirts and jumpers, when I either become way too hot or extremely cold. Some days I really can't seem to get it right and end up dressing like an eskimo and then half way through the day the sun comes out so I start melting.

I brought this outfit after I fell in love with it in River Island in the summer. I think now is the perfect time to wear it as it is thick but not too bulky, ready for those inbetweeny days.

batman outfit
uk fashion blog
Batman Top - River Island
Skirt - River Island (Now in the sale!!!)
Vans - Schuh

I never, ever thought I would see myself in a cropped tee but the day has finally come. Luckily the skirt sits quite high anyway so theres not really much croppage going on. It's a bit out of my usual comfort zone but I actually kind of like it.
What do you lovelies think? 


Sunday, 27 October 2013

sunday nails #45 - halloween

Sunday nails wouldn't be Sunday nails without a seasonal themed post, so obviously this week I had to do something for Halloween! I mentioned before that I like a more toned down/cute version of Halloween, so thought I would do some themed nails without being too scary.

cat ghost dracula frankenstein nail art
halloween nail art
sunday nails
halloween nails

These were so fun to do and surprisingly easy too, all you need is a small nail art brush and dotting tool. The actual faces remind me of lego characters too, especially the ghost!

What are your plans for halloween? I'm having a mini party with my nieces and nephews including a pumpkin carving competition which I will obviously win! 


Saturday, 26 October 2013


Now I love creating wishlists and pondering through how people put outfits together. So when I was told about the website Stylight, I knew I would love it straightaway. 

The concept of Stylight is to create different outfits yourself or browse through how others style and 'heart' them. You can also heart certain products which go onto a kind of wishlist type page too. Below is what the current trending looks are on the site, which can be hearted and viewed in more detail.

Ultimately you create a kind of mood board of products/looks that you love that can be used as inspiration, similar to Pinterest but more fashion based. There is a hashtag system, so if there is a certain brand or item that you are looking for you can search for that too, which is so handy. Brands seem to range from Vans to Prada so there really is something for everyone!

Another great feature is that you can click on the link of a product you like to actually buy the product, this is really not so helpful to my purse though! 

I haven't uploaded any looks myself yet, but I definitely will. I had a look at the process and this seems easy enough, just by adding photos and brands to create a new look. I know I will be using this for my fashion based posts as it is really fun to use too! 

To sign up to stylight just click here, all you need is an email address! 

Thursday, 24 October 2013

MAC matte lipstick - ruby woo

Being delayed at an airport only means one thing..duty free shopping! Now when we went on holiday, we were actually delayed at the airport for 6.5 hours. Now for an avid shopaholic like me you would have thought that this would have been amazing. But in actual fact when you have a selection of about 5 shops to keep wondering around it can become quite boring, especially when you are there before payday and have no money.

I did manage to treat myself at the MAC counter though (of course!). I actually let out a squeal of delight when I saw those 3 letters as I have never been to an airport that stocked MAC before, simple pleasures eh? I spent a good while swatching and ended up picking Ruby was a toss up between this and Candy Yum Yum but I decided this would get more autumn/winter wear from me.

I apologise in advance for doing the bloggers cardinal sin of using the product before photos, but it was just too pretty for me not to be able to use it on holiday! ;)

uk beauty blog
mac ruby woo lipstick
mac ruby woo lipstick swatch
ruby woo matte lipstick

Now Ruby Woo, is a huge hit with bloggers and I really can see why. It portrays as a bright red with ever so slight blue tones to it but not as blue as Ronnie Red which it reminds me of. For me, this is a classic Marilyn Monroe red, very elegant. 

It is a matte formula, which I must say I am growing to love, just for its longetivity alone. This lasts a good couple of hours without even budging at all. Although sometimes it can be slightly drying once on the lips due to the formula, so I always have to remember to moisturise first. As this is such a bold colour, I tend to use a lip brush to smooth the edges off and make them perfect and prevent bleeding. 

I absolutely love this colour and have worn it so many times since I have brought it. Yes it can be a little drying, but as long as I prep my lips it doesn't seem to bad for me. 


Tuesday, 22 October 2013

halloween wishlist

Now we don't really celebrate halloween a lot in my house. Don't get me wrong, its not that I don't like the occasion but its something that we have never really got into. I love halloween but hate being scared, so lets just say I like the cute, girly, not so scary version of halloween!

I thought I would show you the bits that I would use to celebrate halloween!

halloween wishlist
Skeleton Tights / // Bat Lash Duo / Illamasqua // Ghost Jumper / New Look // Ghost Necklace / Etsy // Glitter Bat Clips / Asda
I think the illamasqua lashes look absolutely amazing and I would definitely be trying these out if I had somewhere to go! Come payday I think the Ghost necklace may be on its way to me too!
Are any of these items on your wishlist? What are your plans for halloween? 


Monday, 21 October 2013

bourjois volume glamour ultra black mascara

I brought this mascara before I went on holiday, so I could have 2 weeks to test it out properly. When I'm on holiday I don't tend to wear as much makeup as I normally do, I think it must be the heat. I always worry that it is going to melt off, but not only that after about a day my foundation never matches anyway so I never bother. One thing that i will always find myself wearing though is mascara, I have said countless times that it is definitely my staple item and I couldn't live without it at all. I saw the Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Mascara before I went away and quickly snapped it up!

bourjois mascara review
bourjois volume glamour ultra black mascara swatch
bourjois volume glamour ultra black mascara
makeup blog
uk beauty blog
bourjois volume glamour ultra black mascara £7.99

Now the packaging on this is very chic, I think this is what actually drew me to the mascara to start with. It is typically Bourjois, nice and elegant with a simple touch.

The mascara itself provides a lovely length, it isn't the most volumising mascara but it really makes the lashes appear a lot longer and darker. After one coat, you really can notice the difference, due to the silicone it contains it seems to stick to the lashes a lot more. I love the formula of this too as it seems a lot more liquified than some other mascaras so it is a lot easier to use.

For me, this mascara is perfect for daytime looks as I prefer a lot of a thicker, dramatic look when I go out. I must admit I have been loving this on my more natural makeup days! 


Sunday, 20 October 2013

sunday nails #44 - flormar nail enamel 431

So, i've finally managed to bring Sunday nails back! I have been working every Sunday since coming back off holiday so haven't managed to do it. Luckily my organisational skills are back in order, so here it is.

This week I will show you the Flormar nail polish that I picked up whist on holiday. There was an amazingly huge selection to choose from, but I finally settled with this lovely metallic turquoise.

sunday nails nail blog
uk beauty blog
flormar nail enamel 431

As with all Flormar products, there is just a number instead of a shade name and this one is called '431'. I actually got this shade as a free gift for spending over 15€, what a big spender eh?! Although I must say I didn't really have high hopes for it as it was free and sometimes (only sometimes) free gifts are rubbish.

Surprisingly, it is actually really good and is opaque in 2 coats. In the photos, it comes across quite patchy, but in real life it really isn't. The colour itself is beautiful, a lovely metallic electric blue that really catches the light. I am so pleased with the flormar products that I managed to pick up whilst on holiday and think I should have definitely picked up more!

I hope you have all had a lovely Sunday!


Thursday, 17 October 2013

phase eight style a winter coat blogger competition

So I am definitely suffering holiday blues right now, especially as it is starting to get so much cooler. Yes, the onesie has been worn already this winter! Although as much as I love the sun, there is something about cosy winter nights that make me just as happy. The other thing that I love about winter, is wrapping up warm to go to firework displays.

Now, Phase eight are currently holding a competition to win £150 to spend in their store and all you have to do is style a winter coat using their website. So I thought this was the perfect opportunity for me to find my perfect firework outfit.

phase eight style a winter coat competition

The coat that I chose to style was the Orla Ombre Knitted Coat. I really love it, to me it just oozes warmth. I went for a bit of a cosy look altogether with the cute little beret and boots. I picked the dress underneath because I think it ties in the brown accessories really well. ven though it is called heart print, if you look at the beige print they look like little bats..I think I really must have halloween on the brain! 

I think this look is perfect for a wintery firework evening. If you want to enter this competition, all the details you need are here! You only have until monday to enter though, so be quick! Good luck! 


Wednesday, 16 October 2013

flormar long wearing lipstick - L27

Another day, another lipstick! Here is the second Flormar lipstick that I picked up whilst on holiday, the first one I posted about here. This one was a bit of an impulse buy, something about the colour just screamed buy me, so obviously thats what I did!

beauty blog
flormar lipstick review
uk beauty blog
flormar l27 lipstick review
flormar l27 lipstick swatch
flormar long wearing lipstick l27

The shade I walked away with was L27 and is part of Flormar long wearing range. After swatching, the colour seemed so unusual that I knew I had to have it. It has an almost metallic shine to it, kind of like liquid metal. I was intrigued to see how it sat on the lips, whether it was one of those shades that lost its oomph when put on properly. As you can see it still looks super striking on and I will definitely be wearing it on my more brave days!

The swatch is a lot more silvery than in the bullet, but still striking nonetheless. The wear time on this shade is really good, it was on for a good few hours before it faded but even then it still kept its shine. Surprisingly given the amount of glitter in this, it is really comfortable to wear, unlike my first purchase.

I know I probably won't wear this shade all of the time, as sometimes it can look a bit 80s retro chic, but for an occasional night out it is perfect. Teamed with a plain outfit and simple eye make up this would be perfect. For the price, I have been quite impressed with Flormar products and would definitely try them out again if I ever got the chance. 


Tuesday, 15 October 2013

flormar deluxe cashmere stylo lipstick - DC35

As you may already know if you follow me on twitter, my internet has been broken for a few days. Obviously its fixed now as I wouldn't be typing up this post but hopefully it will explain my absence after my holiday posts! I only really had mobile internet and I think I would have gone mad trying to type up a whole post on my phone, so I have spent my spare blogging time playing Pokemon X like the cool kid I am. (any fans out there?) Alas I am back now though, ready to blog, blog, blog!

A holiday wouldn't be a holiday for me if I didn't come home with any make up. Usually I spend the rest of my money at duty free, but everything turned out to be just as expensive as back here, so disappointingly I didn't bother. I did manage to treat myself to 2 lipsticks whilst on holiday though from a brand called Flormar. I have never really heard of Flormar before but when I walked past their store I was instantly drawn in. The whole look of the shop was laid out like a boutique make up counter and outside of the store was a huge bottle of nail varnish, which was obviously what I noticed first. After a little lot of swatching I came away with 2 new lipsticks and of course a nail varnish.

Now originally I was going to do a haul post, but I figured you can't really haul 3 items so I am going to show you them individually.

uk beauty blog
 flormar deluxe cashmere stylo lipstick dc35
 flormar deluxe cashmere stylo lipstick review
 flormar deluxe cashmere stylo lipstick dc35 swatch
flormar lipstick

The first shade I chose is called DC35. The lipstick swatches as a dusky pink with very fine glitter particles in. The colour is bold enough to show you are wearing a nice flush of colour but also subtle enough for everyday wear. I even have to say that I am quite a fan of the glitter which normally I would have found myself hating.

The packaging of this looks really elegant, with a slightly similar design to higher end brands. I really like the gold sheen although it does tend to get covered in fingerprints which I do find myself trying to wipe off all of the time.

When applying on the lips this does feel slightly rough. I think this may be down to the glitter pieces but it does give it a bit of a gritty feel. Flormar claim that this lipstick contains shea butter and cacao butter to help hydrate and protect but I have to be honest and say that unfortunately all I could feel was the glitter on my lips so they didn't feel very soft at all. I should have probably thought of the texture when I picked one with glitter in though so I can't complain too much!

Overall, I really like the colour it is just the texture that puts me off slightly, I may try putting a balm over the top thought to make the feel a bit softer.

Tomorrow I will be reviewing a lipstick with a different finish so come back to see how I got on with that one! 


Wednesday, 9 October 2013

mount teide

Another trip that I went on whilst on holiday was travelling to the top of Mount Teide. Now Teide is the highest point in Spain and the third highest volcano in the world..amazing! I was a bit unsure at first as to how high up this volcano I was going to go. I am absolutely petrified of heights and the thought of going in a cable car freaked me out more than anything too.

mount teide tenerife
tenerife holiday

At this point we were half way up. This is when I decided to just bite the bullet and go the whole way, it was one of those moments when the yes came out of my mouth before I had actually thought about my answer but by then it was too late. We drove a bit further up until we reached the cable car station which took us as far up as we could go without a visa. If you look at the top photo, the little black box near the top is as high as we went.

cable car tenerife
lifestyle blog
uk lifestyle blog

The cable car ride was the bit that I dreaded the most and even now I have experienced it, my mind hasn't been changed. The bit where the cable changed lines was the most horrible bit, the car swung lots and they crammed so many people in that you couldn't move so I don't think that helped either.

Once at the top though, the view was absolutely breathtaking. You could feel how pure the air was at the top and that it actually felt so fresh breathing, if that makes sense. The funny thing is that I had a horrible cold before I went up there, I know who gets a cold on holiday right?! And then when I went back down, it was gone, so obviously if you are starting to get a cold, climb a mountain!

It felt so surreal to be above the clouds, the view reminded me of a fairytale. The pine trees stuck out above the clouds too and I felt like I was part of a Brothers Grimm story. The whole experience made a pleasant change to lying on the beach and I am really glad that I made it the whole way! 


Tuesday, 8 October 2013

loro parque

I mentioned yesterday that I went on a few trips whilst on holiday and one of those was to Loro Parque. Now those of you that haven't heard of Loro Parque, it is a truly amazing animal park in Tenerife. Before I had even boarded the plane, I knew that I wanted to go there. Mum and Dad had been there a few times before and I always had a huge pang of jealousy whenever they came home and spoke about it. I am an absolutely huge animal lover and one of my dreams when I was younger was always to be a zoo keeper as well as a billion other things.

So anyway, after a 2 hour coach trip we finally reached Loro Parque. The whole way around, I was like an excited little kid squealing at everything. I could easily have picked 100 photos to show you, but I have narrowed it down to a few.

loro parque
uk blog
uk lifestyle blog
orca loro parque
tenerife holiday
loro parque
loro parque gorilla

Loro Parque was everything that I thought it would be and more. I had the most amazing day and could have easily spent another few days there just in awe of the animals. Me and Lewis honestly walked around for hours, just taking in the beauty of every animal. I will say that every enclosure looked amazing with so much space and all of the animals looked genuinely happy too. The baby viewing station was just too cute, with the staff feeding the baby parrots in a special room that you can look into.
I also love the fact that Loro Parque has its own foundation for the conservation of animals, looking after animals in the wild too! This was one of the most amazing days ever and I would honestly recommend it to anyone planning to visit Tenerife especially if you love animals. 
After this trip I have decided that I now want a parrot, giant tortoise and tropical aquarium to add to mine and lewis animal family when we move out too! 

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