Thursday, 5 September 2013

models own nail polish - magenta divine

I have actually been really good and not brought a new nail varnish for a little while now. When I say a little while, probably a few weeks but for a nail polish addict like me this is an achievement. I love a glitter nail varnish as you all know, especially if you read this post. So when I spotted magenta divine on the models own stand near me, I knew I had to have it.

models own magenta divine
models own magenta divine swatch
models own magenta divine review
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Magenta Divine is a beautiful fuschia glitter polish. It is made up of thousands of same sized glitter pieces which catch the light amazingly. The polish feels slightly thick on application, almost like a gel. This does mean it takes a good while to dry, so make sure you use the thinnest layers you can to prevent smudging. 

The polish is a fully opaque glitter in 3 coats, but could easily be layered over another polish too with less coats depending what you are after. I will say that the shine of this glitter is amazing and again it slightly reminds me of a gel finish. I only really used a topcoat to stop the glitter feeling so rough, but for shiny purposes it really isn't needed! I am so happy with this colour, I keep staring at my nails in the sun watching them sparkle!

If you are a fan of pink and glitter, this polish is definitely for you! 




  1. That is a lovely colour, would be perfect for going out

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    1. definitely a perfect going out colour!

  2. What a sparkly nail polish! It makes me think of New YEars Eve for some reason :)

    1. I can see where you're coming from!
      I think its the sparkle, new years is such a sparkly occasion!


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