Friday, 13 September 2013

bourjois magic nail polish remover

Now I don't know what it is about hyped products, I never really tend to believe in them. I don't know if it is the rebel in me that likes to go against the norm, but I never really tend to try hyped up products unless its something that I really wanted to try anyway!

Something that I have caved in and brought though is the Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover, I must admit I have been slightly intrigued by the concept. For someone like me that loves painting my nails, a good nail varnish remover is a must. 

bourjois magic nail polish remover
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This remover is quite a clever little contraption. All you need to do, is dip your finger in and twist slightly and any polish is removed when you pull your finger out. Now I will say that Bourjois claim this can all be achieved in 1 second, but I think it actually takes about 10-15 seconds. Not that those extra seconds make it the longest time in the world but don't be expecting 1 second miracles!

The smell on this is quite strong, once you open the pot you get hit by the scent. I can't really smell any Red Fruit or Vanilla, all I seem to get is acetone which is strange as it doesn't contain any. Its not an entirely unpleasant smell, just a bit of a punchy one! Don't let this put you off though, because the product is actually really good! 

Another amazing thing is that this actually removes glitter polish too, It takes about a minute per nail but after soaking glitter is basically removed. To me this is such a godsend, as one of the main reasons I don't wear glitter as much as I wan is because of the pain in the bum removal. Now this is solved though, squeee!

After using this once, this is all I ever use to take my nail varnish off now. I can safely say this is my new holy grail product. If only I had believed the hype earlier! 



  1. Okay one second!? Why have I never seen this around... I wonder if they sell it in Canada because this is what I need to make my laziness about doing my nails somewhat better :(

    1. Haha! Its definitely worth the search if you can find it!
      It really does make the whole nail colour changing process easier!

  2. This sounds awesome! :D I used to use the Sally Hansen Qwik Off (or whatever it was called), but they started putting really shoddy sponges in that just disintegrate in no time at all. Such a shame!

  3. Nice review! This remover looks amazing, this is the first time I see something like that. Hope I'll get in soon in my country too ;)

    Following you, hope you'll follow me back.
    Greetings from Aloha Blog hop.

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    1. It is really handy!
      Definitely worth purchasing if you can find it!


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