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I have mentioned countless times before on this blog that I am absolutely in love with glitter. Especially glitter nail varnishes, although like any other human I hate how hard they are to get off! The best way that I always find to get glitter off is with the PVA glue method, although for me even that is tricky as I never seem to put enough on! 
glitter nail varnish swatch
models own nails inc accessorize
favourite glitter nail varnishes
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nails inc. bloomsbury square // models own freak out! // accessorize bronze illusion // models own ibiza mix // nails inc. battersea

These are my favourite glitter polishes and i’m not gunna lie they were extremely hard to choose as I have so many. If it has a slight sparkle, I am there…a bit like a magpie! Pink and purple are my favourite colours which is why I love ‘Bloomsbury Square’. ‘Freak Out’ is made up of all different sized glitter pieces which makes it look like a mosaic. I love ‘Accessorize Bronze Illusion’ as the colour goes with anything! ‘Ibiza Mix’ looks really cool layered over other polishes, especially black! ‘Battersea’ is a beautiful colour which is why it had to be included too!

I would love to hear about your favourite glitter polishes too, so recommend away! 



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