we won't see the stars if the sun is in our eyes

How lovely has the weather been here in the UK recently?! It makes a change to finally have a bit of sunshine. I hope everyone has actually had a chance to make the most of it, luckily I have! 
Yesterday I went for a little evening walk with the Mr. Its so nice to go for a walk and just ramble on about anything and everything! There are some lovely hidden sights where I live and it is so nice to just walk and walk to see what lovely things you can find! Like yesterday we managed to come across some lovely cows..
woodland walk

I think I am just going through one of those ‘meh’ times lately, where there is nothing particularly wrong, but everything just seems to get on top of you! I think its a mix of work/life/money that gets me slightly worried and then I have a million things buzzing through my head and sometimes its nice to just go and clear it. I know it doesn’t make everything go away, but its nice to just escape into a little pretend world every now and again. I do tend to worry a lot but walks like this help me realise what is actually important in life. 


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