Sunday, 21 July 2013

sunday nails #36 - andrea fulerton nail boutique for your nails only

I love a bit of nail art as you all know! So when I received this for my birthday from one of my best friends I was conjuring up all of the different possibilities in my head.

andrea fulerton nail boutique
andrea fulerton for your eyes only
andrea fulerton for your eyes only swatch
andrea fulerton flick stripe and glitter
uk nail blog

The set itself contains 3 nail varnishes all containing thin striping brushes and 3 different loose glitters set on top. The colours are a really nice selection that I feel would sit well with any base. Being that the glitter pots are sat on top of the nail varnish I thought that they may feel really heavy but surprisingly they weren't too bad.

The possibilities with the set are absolutely endless, I have just shown you the basics above. I chose a nude base, but you could easily use any colour or even paint onto bare nails depending on what look you are going for. 

My only niggle is the accuracy of the shaker pots that the loose glitter comes in. For clumsy people like me, this can be a slight nightmare as I got glitter EVERYWHERE! To the point that even my jeans were sparkling, but I really think this could be down to me and my heavy-handedness when it didn't seem to come out fast enough for me also. Impatient much?!

Overall, I really like this set and think it is really good value for money, especially if you want some easy glittery nail art. I will definitely be using it in future nail art posts! 

Have a lovely rest of your sunday! 



  1. Replies
    1. Thankyou sweet, you've got to love a bit of glitter ha!

  2. These are so nice!
    I haven't seen them before but I really want to try them myself now :-)

    1. Thanks sweet, yeah they are so good to experiment with!

  3. These are awesome! You do your nails so well, I usually end up making a mess out of mine, haha! x


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