Sunday, 7 July 2013

sunday nails #34 - nails inc. 'royal arcade' nail jewellery

There is something about the sun that instantly makes me want to wear glittery nail varnish. I think its my magpie tendencies coming to light again as I do tend to spend most of the day staring at my nails!

This sunday I have chosen nails inc. royal arcade polish which is part of the nail jewellery collection. I have already got Piccadilly Arcade which I showed you here and I am such a fan of the glitter coverage this varnish gives. This colour was actually a birthday present from my niece, although she kept telling me about 'a sparkly blue nail varnish that she had got me at home' and that I mustn't tell anyone that she had told me. At the time she was only 4 and I must say I acted very surprised when she finally gave it to me!

nails inc sapphire nail jewellery
nails inc. royal arcade nail jewellery swatch
nails inc. royal arcade nail jewellery
nails inc. royal arcade nail jewellery sunlight

The colour itself is very pretty. Its a nice and vibrant electric blue which catches the light beautifully as you can see in the bottom picture. The polish is made up of different sized particles, although you have to be careful when applying as some of them do tend to stick up slightly so may need to be pushed flat..we don't want any laddered tights now do we?! Other than that this glitter is opaque in 2 coats and the colour just makes me smile when looking at it, I think it's because its just so cheery!

Yet again the only downfall with this glitter, is actually getting it off. Although I have been trying the PVA glue method recently and I have to say it does work a treat, providing you don't want your glitter to stay on for days as one slight catch and the glitter tends to come off in whole nail form ha! It's perfect if you only want your glittery to stay on for a night out or occasion though!

I hope you have all had a lovely Sunday! 



  1. Oh wow, this looks stunning! :D I love how bright the blue is, but you're definitely right about glitter being a pain to get off!


    1. Thankyou sweet, yes it's very bright!
      I think you have to build yourself up to getting it off haha.

  2. Such a gorgeous blue colour and the glitter is amazing!

    1. Thankyou lovely, yes its so glittery!

  3. I love these nails! So gorgeous. x


  4. nice nails


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