Thursday, 25 July 2013

summer evenings

I absolutely love the summer, it always feels like everyone is that much happier in the summer months. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind the winter too as I love a hot chocolate and snuggly scarf as much as the next person but sometimes a bit of sun is just what the doctor ordered. 

I love being able to sit outside a lot more, especially in the evenings. Every Saturday night after dinner you will usually find the fam chatting away on the patio, equipt with more tealights than you can shake a stick at. I love evenings like this as they create so many memories and they are free too!

summer memories
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I hope this summer is filled with a lot more evenings on the patio, fingers crossed! What summertime memories do you have? 



  1. I love taking pictures of lights in the dark, i hope so too! i want a deck party xx

    1. Lights look so pretty in the dark don't they?
      fingers crossed!


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