Tuesday, 23 July 2013

maybelline chromatics eyeliner in turquoise vibe

I really love a coloured eyeliner, although in this weather I do tend to keep colour to a minimum through fear of it melting off my face in rainbow form. My usual go to brand for eyeliners is Urban Decay, I honestly cannot fault them at all! Although I am constantly looking for a brand to challenge UD and I think I may have found it!

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maybelline chromatics eyeliner turquoise vibe
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maybelline chromatics turquoise vibe review
maybelline chromatics eyeliner 'turquoise vibe' £4.49

When I heard about the maybelline chromatics eyeliner range, I knew I wanted to try them as the colour payoff looked amazing. So I took a little trip to Boots, to have a little swatching session and finally decided on Turquoise vibe. Turquoise vibe comes across as a beautiful emerald/jade colour. It has a lovely metallic element to it, but not overly glittery. Even if you look closely you can barely see any glitter particles. The pencil itself is really easy to use as it isn't too bulky and has a nice grip to it too.

The colour itself is very pigmented, with one swipe it is opaque and doesn't really need a lot of building up if a block colour is what you are after. It can be smudged, but you have to move quite quickly as it does have a pretty fast drying time. The pencil is very soft, which is nice as it doesn't drag at all on application and kind of just melts onto the eyes. I found that it did lose its point quite easily but I tend to find this with all soft eyeliners as I am very heavy handed as I mentioned before haha. I only found this to be a problem when I was doing a flick at the side of the eyes as for me this needs to be done with the sharpest point I can.

Maybelline state that this will have '16 hour wear time', which I can totally agree with as it lasted me the whole day without touching up and that was in a non airconditioned workplace too! As a cheaper alternative to Urban Decay I think this is amazing and I feel it is really good value for money as it is under £5 too! It has the same softness that I look for in UD and has amazing lasting power. I think I can definitely feel a comparison post coming up! 



  1. This is gorgeous such a gorgeous colour on you really need to get myself one as the pigmentation looks amazing and at such a good price.

    Carrieanne x


    1. Thankyou! Yes def, the pigmentation is amazing, especially for the price!

  2. Such a gorgeous shade! These sound amazing. I've yet to find a pencil eyeliner that doesn't budge all day


    1. These are really worth it, for the price!
      I am the same I love it when they don't smudge throughout the day, makes life slightly easier haha!


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