Tuesday, 30 July 2013

pay day wishlist

You know that getting paid feeling, where you feel rich for about 5 seconds and then the reality of paying bills and your outgoings being more than your incomings kicks in?! Yeah well that happened. Now I'm sure everyone is sick of me saying how skint I am, so we won't go there, instead I will show you everything that I am currently lusting after in the beauty world. 

uk beauty blog

First up is the much acclaimed Rimmel Apocalips Lip lacquer and i really want to try the shade Nova (1). I can't believe I haven't tried these yet considering the hype surrounding them, but hopefully I will make the splurge soon, especially as I have heard such good things! Another item I am lusting over is MAC Tropical Taboo mineralize blush in Sweet Samba (2). I am absolutely loving the Tropical Taboo collection and I honestly think I would buy one of everything if I could, just look at the pretty colours in the blush..squee! As everyone knows I love a nail varnish, if you didn't..where have you actually been?! One thing that I have never tried are nail wraps though and the Little Mix Jade Nail Wraps (3) are such lovely candy floss colours, perfect for a girlie girl like me. Talking of nails this Ciate Chalkboard Manicure (4) honestly looks amazing! You paint your nails with a matte black varnish and draw on them with liquid chalk pens that wash off too, so you can change your design whenever you feel like it! Another item I really want is NARS satin lip pencil in Luxembourg (5). Ever since I tried Palais Royal before, it has really got me hooked on NARS and i know I will definitely get another one when I get the chance win the lottery.

I hope you enjoyed my wishlist, everyone can dream right? Have you tried any of these items or are they on your wishlist too? 

Sunday, 28 July 2013

sunday nails #37 - crystal nail rockits

I say numerous times that I am a bit of a magpie when it comes to sparkly things. There is something about a little bit of sparkle that makes me super happy! So you can kind of imagine my face when I found these nail rockits by Rock Beauty London. 

I haven't really had a lot of time to properly play around with them today as I have spent the day with the Mr! This doesn't tend to happen very often and I am rubbish at scheduling posts so I have only shown you a snippet of what they can be used for in the time I had before he got annoyed with me! ;)

nail rockits
crystal nail rockits
nail rockits crystal heart circle teardrop
nail rockits swatch
uk nail blog
nail rockits - crystal £10

To start with I thought £10 was slightly steep, but when you actually look at the contents it is really good value for money. In this set you get a nail varnish, that also doubles up as a nail art pen, some flocking powder and 3 sets of different jewels. So when you look at the amount of items you get, it is really worth it.

I have flocked my little finger in the pictures above but had a bit of an accident and didn't manage to do it very well ha! If you follow me on instagram (@emmyypops) you would have seen the nightmare I had! 

The nail varnish supplied, is a nice deep pink. It has quite a thick formula, but I think this may be to enable you to do nail art with the pen without it being too runny! Some may find this slightly too thick for normal painting though. The jewels are a selection of neon circles, hearts and teardrops that sit slightly too bright for me with the shocking pink underneath, although I can't wait to try them with a darker colour.

All in all I think this is a very good set if you are a fan of nail art and there are lots of different varieties too! I think i want to try the Flowers kit next! 

You can buy these kits from Topshop or Accessorize stores which is where I got mine! :)


Saturday, 27 July 2013

bourjois color boost lip crayon - red sunrise

I have definitely jumped on the lip crayon bandwagon these days! Ever since I tried a NARS satin lip pencil, I seem to have fallen in love with them a little bit. I have such a childish mind and I think it may be that it feels like drawing on your lips with a huge crayon that makes me like them so much, sorry if I always say this!

When I heard that Bourjois were releasing their version of a lip crayon I knew I had to try it. I really like Bourjois, I think it is one of those understated brands that always get somewhat forgotten about unfortunately. Now after reading constant reviews and seeing online swatches I was almost certain I was going to choose Peach on the Beach, but actually after swatching in store, I fell in love with Red Sunrise, the power of swatching eh!?

bourjois color boost
bourjois color boost lip crayon
bourjois color boost red sunrise
uk beauty blog
bourjois red sunrise swatch
bourjois lip crayon red sunrise
bourjois color boost lip crayon 'red sunrise' £7.99
Red Sunrise is a really glossy raspberry red, with slight pinkish tones to it. It is really easy to apply and the colour just glides on with one swipe. It is nice and pigmented but not very opaque, although it still manages to provide enough glossy colour. The crayon is quite chunky too, about the width of a standard marker pen so it is really easy to grip.
The crayon feels like a balm when it is first put on the lips but after a few moments, it dries. It doesn't dry completely as you are still left with a moisturising feel throughout. Bourjois claim this will last 10 hours, although I am really not sure as for me it only managed to last a decent 3-4 hours on me before it started to wear on the edges of my lips. 
I feel that a lip liner is really needed with this, as it did bleed quite a lot. Not even 5 minutes after application I could see that it was starting to expand. I do tend to find this with quite a lot of the lip products I own though, so it may just be my abnormal lips haha! Other than this, I do love everything about it!
The colour itself is perfect for summer and will definitely be coming on holiday with me, especially as it has an SPF 15! I think Bourjois have definitely come onto a winner with the formula of this, I just only wish it was available in more colours than the 4 available! *fingers crossed* 
These are available from Boots and Superdrug!

Thursday, 25 July 2013

summer evenings

I absolutely love the summer, it always feels like everyone is that much happier in the summer months. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind the winter too as I love a hot chocolate and snuggly scarf as much as the next person but sometimes a bit of sun is just what the doctor ordered. 

I love being able to sit outside a lot more, especially in the evenings. Every Saturday night after dinner you will usually find the fam chatting away on the patio, equipt with more tealights than you can shake a stick at. I love evenings like this as they create so many memories and they are free too!

summer memories
uk lifestyle blog

I hope this summer is filled with a lot more evenings on the patio, fingers crossed! What summertime memories do you have? 


Wednesday, 24 July 2013

my little Fossil treat

I mentioned before how I was selling bits on eBay to make an extra bit of money *queue the violins haha!* Although this can also be a bad thing as nothing burns a whole in my pocket like money. I honestly can't last a day without spending. I realised during my eBay spree that I ended up selling most of the contents of my wardrobe, its not until you start to clear out that you realise how much rubbish you hold on to, well in my case anyway! When we started putting bits on there, me and mum decided we would buy something each that we could keep to show how all of out hardwork has paid off.

I decided on a new fossil watch..

fossil stella watch teal
fossil watch
uk fashion blog

I actually have the rose gold version of this watch that my nan got me for my 21st birthday and I love it. There is something about a chunky style of watch that I really like, I think its the way that the masculine and feminine aspects are combined together. 

I brought this watch from eBay too, I do like using eBay as there are some really good bargains to be found as long as you really search around and know what you are looking for in terms of fakes, that unfortunately still exist. This watch turned out to be better than half price too..see what I mean about bargains!

I think this is probably one of the best bargains that I have ever found on eBay, whats yours? 


Tuesday, 23 July 2013

maybelline chromatics eyeliner in turquoise vibe

I really love a coloured eyeliner, although in this weather I do tend to keep colour to a minimum through fear of it melting off my face in rainbow form. My usual go to brand for eyeliners is Urban Decay, I honestly cannot fault them at all! Although I am constantly looking for a brand to challenge UD and I think I may have found it!

maybelline chromatics eyeliner
maybelline chromatics eyeliner turquoise vibe
uk beauty blog
maybelline chromatics swatch
maybelline chromatics turquoise vibe review
maybelline chromatics eyeliner 'turquoise vibe' £4.49

When I heard about the maybelline chromatics eyeliner range, I knew I wanted to try them as the colour payoff looked amazing. So I took a little trip to Boots, to have a little swatching session and finally decided on Turquoise vibe. Turquoise vibe comes across as a beautiful emerald/jade colour. It has a lovely metallic element to it, but not overly glittery. Even if you look closely you can barely see any glitter particles. The pencil itself is really easy to use as it isn't too bulky and has a nice grip to it too.

The colour itself is very pigmented, with one swipe it is opaque and doesn't really need a lot of building up if a block colour is what you are after. It can be smudged, but you have to move quite quickly as it does have a pretty fast drying time. The pencil is very soft, which is nice as it doesn't drag at all on application and kind of just melts onto the eyes. I found that it did lose its point quite easily but I tend to find this with all soft eyeliners as I am very heavy handed as I mentioned before haha. I only found this to be a problem when I was doing a flick at the side of the eyes as for me this needs to be done with the sharpest point I can.

Maybelline state that this will have '16 hour wear time', which I can totally agree with as it lasted me the whole day without touching up and that was in a non airconditioned workplace too! As a cheaper alternative to Urban Decay I think this is amazing and I feel it is really good value for money as it is under £5 too! It has the same softness that I look for in UD and has amazing lasting power. I think I can definitely feel a comparison post coming up! 


Monday, 22 July 2013

phase eight blogger competition

A few days ago, I was contacted by the lovely people at phase eight about a competition they are currently running. The aim is to create a holiday item wishlist for a chance to win a £250 giftcard, bonus! Now phase eight isn't a shop I would usually go in, unless I was shopping for a special occasion but once I browsed the website I soon realised they had a lot of cute less formal pieces too!

phase eight blogger competition

Firstly I chose the variegated stripe maxi dress (1), something about it just shone out when I was browsing the website. I think it's the colours, the first thing that I thought of was actually flamenco dancers in Spain..I think I had holiday on the brain a bit too much! Also, I think red is a lovely colour to wear with a tan. Next I chose the striped cotton fit and flare dress (2). I absolutely love this style of dress as it is so flattering for all shapes. The colours also remind me of the seaside too..I've noticed a slight stripe theme going on here ha. I then moved onto footwear as nothing screams summer or a holiday more than a wedge. I chose millie-rose sandal (3) as tan is a colour that will go with everything and I actually think they will go with most of the outfits I have chosen here. I love a blouse, especially tucked in so I chose the diana lace collar blouse (4) as you can just chuck it on and keep jewellery to a minimum as it kind of speaks for itself. Last but not least is my staple holiday item..denim shorts! I picked the lexi shorts (5) as they are the kind of denim that will go with everything and are not too short either.

If you are a blogger and would like to enter, all of the details are here. You need to be quick though as you only have until Monday 29th July to enter!
Good luck!


Sunday, 21 July 2013

sunday nails #36 - andrea fulerton nail boutique for your nails only

I love a bit of nail art as you all know! So when I received this for my birthday from one of my best friends I was conjuring up all of the different possibilities in my head.

andrea fulerton nail boutique
andrea fulerton for your eyes only
andrea fulerton for your eyes only swatch
andrea fulerton flick stripe and glitter
uk nail blog

The set itself contains 3 nail varnishes all containing thin striping brushes and 3 different loose glitters set on top. The colours are a really nice selection that I feel would sit well with any base. Being that the glitter pots are sat on top of the nail varnish I thought that they may feel really heavy but surprisingly they weren't too bad.

The possibilities with the set are absolutely endless, I have just shown you the basics above. I chose a nude base, but you could easily use any colour or even paint onto bare nails depending on what look you are going for. 

My only niggle is the accuracy of the shaker pots that the loose glitter comes in. For clumsy people like me, this can be a slight nightmare as I got glitter EVERYWHERE! To the point that even my jeans were sparkling, but I really think this could be down to me and my heavy-handedness when it didn't seem to come out fast enough for me also. Impatient much?!

Overall, I really like this set and think it is really good value for money, especially if you want some easy glittery nail art. I will definitely be using it in future nail art posts! 

Have a lovely rest of your sunday! 


Friday, 19 July 2013

ray-ban rose tinted aviator sunglasses

I have only gone and done it again. I honestly think I need help as I have some sort of sunglass addiction. I have enough pairs to last me a lifetime, but that really doesn't stop me! Although my other pair of aviators are really scratched, so surely thats better excuse for a replacement than any?! I think it's the weather we are having here, I feel the need to buy summery things all of a sudden!

rose gold aviator sunglasses
ray-ban rose aviators
ray-ban aviator sunglasses

I'm not gunna lie, taking these photos without some sort of reflection from either myself or the camera was stupidly hard as the mirror effect on these is amazing!

I have been after a pair of rose tinted aviators for ages but could never afford to just splash out that amount of money in one go. So when they appeared on littlewoods, I knew what needed to be done haha! You've gotta love a weekly payment, although the monthly payment that I give my mum to cover these cheeky littlewoods bills seems to be increasing drastically due to me always adding new items. I don't think I could ever trust her to do my accounting, she would have me spending more than I saved!

The sunglasses themselves have beautiful rose gold, mirror reflecting lenses. In some lights they look a nice pale rose and in others they look a darker bronze. The frames are finished off in a bright gold, which adds a nice lighter effect. I absolutely love them, I think they will go with any outfit and the aviator design is just a timeless classic.

I am now putting myself on a sunglass ban, until I start to feel summery again! 


Thursday, 18 July 2013

flower power.

Hello lovelies! I hope all of my UK readers are enjoying the beautiful sunshine and that the rest of the world is getting amazing weather too! I am currently sitting in my garden writing this post, in the shade I must add, as it is way too hot for me in the sun. Which is definitely saying something for me to not be in the sun ha! 

I absolutely love sitting in the garden watching the world pass by, so whenever I get the opportunity I am outside. This year my mum has been growing a huge amount of flowers, so much so my garden seems to have more flowers than a florist although they look so pretty. The only trouble is the amount of insects they attract, they have me dancing around the garden at least every 5 minutes! I thought I would share with you my favourite flowers from the garden!

uk lifestyle blog
cute flowerscute ginger cat
I know Ollie isn't a flower but he looked too cute to not include him! :)


Wednesday, 17 July 2013

MAC tropical taboo lipstick - lady at play

Sometimes I really don't think Lewis helps me with my makeup habit. He got paid and offered to get me a new lipstick..Who am I to say no?! Well actually I was being good and i did at first but he insisted, what a gem! 

I'm not usually much of a coral fan, I tend to lean slightly more towards the pinks and reds, but once I swatched this I knew I had to have it!

mac lady at play lipstick
mac lady at play lipstick review
mac lady at play lipstick swatch
mac tropical taboo lady at play
mac tropical taboo lady at play lipstick
mac tropical taboo collection

Lady At Play is a beautiful peachy coral with lovely salmon hints to it. It is described as a 'mid-tonal cool tangerine' although I would say that the colour leans more towards the pinkier side of coral as opposed to tangerine. This is the first mineralize rich finish that I have tried and I would say it sits quite similarly to a cremesheen finish in terms of moisturisation. I do feel that you don't have to layer it up as much as a cremesheen to get as much of an instant opaque colour though. The lipstick is very pigmented and swipes with colour straighaway, but can still be buildable if needed.

The bullet of this lipstick is slightly larger than normal, so I did find it a tiny bit trickier to apply. Once I got used to it though, it was a piece of cake although I had to straighten up the edges with a lip brush, noone wants lipstick like the joker now do they?

This is a bit more pricier than your average MAC lipstick, but I am putting this down to getting more product than normal. An average MAC lipstick contains 3g but a mineralize rich finish contains 3.6g so I think this must be the reason for the difference.

I think this is an amazing colour for the summer and I can't wait to show it off on holiday! After trying this lipstick I now think I may be becoming a coral person! 

This lipstick is part of the Tropical Taboo range and is available from Debenhams here.


Sunday, 14 July 2013

sunday nails #35 - monsters university

Now if you follow me on twitter or instagram, you will know that I went to see monsters university on Friday, yippee! Now I am such a big monsters inc. fan and just sat through this film grinning away like a child! It really is lovely, with cute little references back to the first film without being too cliche. if you are a fan of the original I couldn't recommend this enough!

So for this weeks sunday nails, the most obvious choice for me was monsters university!

monsters university nails
monsters university nail art
mike monsters inc nail art
sully monsters inc nails
monsters inc nails

I am so pleased with how this turned out, I love the little Oozma Kappa sign at the end, makes me smile for some reason whenever I look at it haha!  


Friday, 12 July 2013

seascape island apothecary les petites body lotion

Sometimes there is nothing better than an evening in. Don't get me wrong I do love a night out but usually my grandma ways scream out at me and I just end up wanting to go home after a while. On my favourite evenings in, I love a bit of a pamper session, who doesn't right? 

I honestly have the driest skin ever, growing up my family used to say I had skin like an elephant..now i'm pretty sure thats bullying haha, but I always knew that they were only joking so just laughed it off! I am constantly using different moisturisers to see if I can make my skin a tad softer, so when I was offered the chance to try seascape les petites body lotion, I knew it was worth a try!

seascape island apothecary les petites body lotion
seascape island apothecary les petites body lotion packaging
seascape island apothecary les petites body lotion review
seascape island apothecary les petites body lotion beauty blog
seascape island apothecary les petites body lotion* £12

Much like the seascape lip balm that I reviewed before, the packaging of this is beautiful. I just love the little floral insides, it just oozes girlieness! The lovely thing about this lotion is that it doesn't contain any artificial colours or fragrances either. The box states that it is 'dermatologically tested and gently formulated  for babies and children with sensitive skin' which is really good as I seem to have inherited sensitive skin from the family.

The lotion itself is not too thick and absorbs into the skin fairly quickly too. I think there is nothing worse than a lotion that just won't blend in and you end up sliding all over the place. It contains all natural oils from Lavender and Chamomile which claim to help leave skin soft. The smell itself has quite a punchy lavender hit, it isn't unpleasant but you have to be quite a fan of lavender to really enjoy it, although seascape do make lotions in other scents too if lavender is not your thing!

I have been using this lotion religiously for a few days now and I have actually started to notice a slight improvement in smoothness, although like i mentioned before my skin is really dry anyway so I think it may take a little while longer than normal to make it super soft, but I will update you in a few weeks or so! The one thing that I did notice straightaway was how long my skin remained moisturised for once this was applied, it actually managed to keep skin fresh looking for a good few hours after application which makes a nice change! 

You can purchase Seascape body lotions from the look fantastic website here. 

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