Tuesday, 4 June 2013

perfumeria gal 'red currant' + 'violet' lip balm

Like most girls, I love a lip balm. I especially love a lip balm that smells nice too. I actually forgot I had these balms that my parents got for me when they went to Spain in March. I must use them everyday, as they are just so handy to carry around. Perfumeria Gal are a Spanish company that are famed for their scents and packaging and when you look at the photos you will see why!

perfumeria gal collection lip balm swatch
perfumeria gal collection lip balm red currant
perfumeria gal collection lip balm violet

The packaging on these is so cute, they are very vintage and very art nouveau! Red Currant has a lovely sweet smell, it reminds me of cranberry sauce at christmas but its not sickly. Violet smells exactly like those parma violet sweets that you can get, again not too sickly. Both of these balms are coloured in the pan, but they are transparent on the lips and smell delicious. Although both of the balms say they contain vaseline, they are not as greasy and definitely have a more solid consistency than normal vaseline. These balms do not have the best staying power, I personally use them as a base for drying lipsticks and they work perfectly for that.

Currently, I can't find anywhere in the UK to buy these balms, but with summer holiday season coming up anyone jetting off abroad really should check these out!


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