Monday, 3 June 2013

MAC mineralize eyeshadow in gilt by association

What lovely weather we have been having here in the UK lately, I finally managed to sit in the garden before work today, although with a cold this probably wasn't the best idea as my eyes wouldn't stop streaming, bad times.

Today I am going to show you a new eye shadow I brought. I picked this eyeshadow as I am such a fan of the purple version 'young punk' and I wanted a more natural colour that I could wear all of the time. I really like MAC mineralize eyeshadows, they look so lovely in the packaging and have a lovely metallic finish to them, perfect for a magpie like me!

mac gilt by association
mac gilt by association
mac gilt by association swatch
mac gilt by association swatch
mac gilt by association swatch
MAC 'gilt by association' mineralize eyeshadow £16.50

Gilt By Association is a lovely golden eyeshadow with flecks of black and bronze running through it. It is very pigmented but can be built up in layers depending how vibrant you want the colour. For me, its perfect for everyday wear and to create a smokey look. I do find it so much easier to apply with my finger though, as it does tend to lose a fair amount of glitter if you apply it with a brush, I find the glitter tends to fall down my cheeks. Does anyone have any tips with this? 


DISCLAIMER: I brought these items using a gift voucher I got for my birthday, lovely. Full discaimer here.


  1. That's a beautiful color, definitely one that I would wear! :)

    1. thankyou!
      Its so sparkly too :)


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