l'oreal super liner blackbuster intense

I love a good chunky black eyeliner, most days you won’t see me anywhere without a flick of black on my eyes. So I was really excited to see that l’oreal had released a new eyeliner style pen; the super liner blackbuster.  I always use l’oreal for my liquid eyeliner needs, I love the super liner luminizer so thought I would give this a try. Now I have tried marker pen styles before like Barry M wink eyeliner and they are really good for creating that bold black eye. So I was excited to try this one out.
l'oreal super liner blackbuster intense
l'oreal super liner blackbuster intense
l'oreal super liner blackbuster intense swatch
l'oreal super liner blackbuster intense review
l'oreal super liner blackbuster intense review

Now I’m not going to lie, when I first tried this eyeliner I absolutely hated it. Well hate is a really strong word, but I just didn’t get on with it at all. The main problem for me, was the chunkiness of the actual ‘pen’, I found it really hard to manoeuvre it properly, it just felt way too bulky. Now I have used it for a few days, I think I have got used to it a lot more and it is now much easier to use, I think I was just too used to thin pencils and I needed to grip it differently. Although I still wasn’t sold on it, due to the nib being so fine..

Now the thing that really changed my mind about this eyeliner was its staying power. For me, it lasted a whole day which is amazing and that even included a little cry (don’t ask!) without a smudge or fade in sight, yay. The problem with the nib was fixed after a good few uses, I think its just down to wear and pressure, just like an actual pen it just needs to be broken in slightly.

Overall I become more impressed with this eyeliner the more I use it, it has a perfect point if you just can’t get used to normal eyeliners with long brushes. Worth a try if you are as fond of winged eyes as much as me! 




    • June 19, 2013 / 12:00 pm

      Yes definitely, the nib just takes a bit of getting used to!

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