Monday, 10 June 2013

bargain eBay heart sunnies

I hope everyone has had the chance to enjoy the sunshine that has graced the UK this past week! I definitely have, my week basically consisted of a work, BBQ kinda routine and it has been lovely. I mentioned before how I love sunglasses and I have been on a mission for a heart shaped pair for a good while now. For me eBay and sunglasses never clicked together in my head, but last week I done a little ebay research and this amazing style popped up for £5.95...

ebay heart sunglasses
ebay heart sunglasses
ebay heart sunglasses

Yes you read that right, they were only £5.95!! They look so retro, I actually love them. I think the tortoiseshell effect makes them look less cheap if you get what I mean. They are available in so many different colours too, definitely worth a look if you are after some heart sunnies.

I brought mine here, with free postage too. 



  1. I love heart sunnies for summer!
    X Anna

    1. Heart sunnies are amazing aren't they?!


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