Wednesday, 15 May 2013

swartzkopf live color XXL 43 'red passion'

Now I'm not going to lie, I am useless. I had all of the photos I wanted to take for this post planned, but then I got so engrossed in the actual process of dying my hair that I actually forgot...what a donut!

I really missed the red tones from my hair after I stripped all of the colour back to brown. My hair was a mismatch of colours, but it really wasn't a nice mix and made me feel like I wanted it all cut off again..okay slight exaggeration, but I really didn't like it. I knew to get it back to a nice red I needed to go with a brand I always seem to use for reds, Swartzkopf. I think Swartzkopf dyes can be very hit or miss, sometimes my hair takes really well and others you can barely notice the difference. The shade I chose was shade 43 'red passion'. I have used this shade before, but just as a red top up not a drastic colour change. This time I could really see the difference, maybe as I haven't dyed my hair for a good few months the colour managed to take better, who knows but I am really impressed. Onto the photos I actually managed to take..

natural hair before dying
red hair after dying

You can see now my hair is quite a vibrant red now and oh how I have missed it! The only thing I dislike about this dye is the smell. Its as though they have tried to cover the ammonia smell with a fruity scent, but it actually makes the ammonia stench much worse so it is really not needed. Other than that I am in love with my red hair again and really would recommend this hair dye to anyone. 



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