Sunday, 19 May 2013

sunday nails #27 - sugar skull

Hello lovelies! Today I am going to show you the nails I sported for my birthday yesterday. I had a lovely little day and will share some pictures of what I got up to in a post tomorrow. 

Last week my mum brought me some nail decals..don't ya love an early birthday present! I have mentioned countless times how much I love skulls and when she gave me these sugar skull decals I instantly fell in love! 

sugar skull nail decals
sugar skull nail decal swatch
sugar skull nail decal close up
Please excuse my disgustingly dry hands! :(
sugar skull nail decal
sugar skull nails

Now I was a bit silly when I chose the base colour for the decal, I chose nails inc. 'shoreditch' thinking that it would of been a nice vibrant pink for the skull to sit on. Although I didn't realise the colour of the actual skull is transparent not white, so not alot of the detail shows up, therefore a lighter colour is probably a better choice. I do like the effect this colour gives though, as it looks like the skull has been etched onto the nails. Next time I will try a lighter colour like a nude or pastel to show off the colours and pattern on the skull.

The decals are from a website called YRnails and if you are a fan of nails decals then it really is worth checking out. They have hundreds of water based decals and most of them only cost £1. My personal favourites are the 'boo ghost' and the 'cute raccoon', these will definitely be ordered when payday comes. 


DISLAIMER: These cute little things were brought for me by my mum as an early birthday gift.

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