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They say every piece of jewellery tells a story and theres nothing I love more than looking through my nans or mums jewellery and hearing all of the stories relating to them. I love that a simple ring can have the most romantic story or that a bracelet could have a funny little joke attached to it. As you can probably tell I am a little bit of a sentimental sod, so any little gift that I receive or anything that gets passed down I really treasure. This is why I love my Pandora bracelet so much, every little charm tells a story and I want to tell you about each one today.
pandora bracelet
pandora bracelet filled with charms
pandora frog dog bunny charm
FROG – I brought this on holiday in Tenerife, just before Pandora bracelets first became ‘popular’ I found this cute little jewellers that sold Pandora beads and I knew I had to have this as it is a little reminder of that holiday.
DOG – This was a gift from my mum, on a daily basis I seem to ask for a puppy but this is the closest that I have ever got to owning one. It may not be real, but it makes me smile whenever I see it. We have 3 cats, so a dog is not really a good option, especially as one of my cats seems to be the spawn of Satan.
RABBIT – This was a birthday present, again from my mum. I love rabbits, so again because of Satan cat I have to live with a charm instead.
pandora elf bird rainbow charm
ELF – I got this for christmas one year, if you read this blog over christmas you will know this is my favourite time of the year. So this bead makes me feel all christmassy.
BIRD – This bird is really cute to look at and was another gift from my mum. 
RAINBOW BEAD – I love rainbows and sparkles, so this was the reason behind treating myself to this bead.
snowman heart bee swirl charm
SNOWMAN – I got this bead for christmas one year from my mum. I am one of those really annoying people that actually love snow. The first thing that I do as soon as it starts settling is build a snowman. Mum always says I am like a big kid, so now I have a permanent snowman.
HEART SPACER – This was one of the first beads I got, I remember the days when it was swirling around the bracelet all on its own as I couldn’t afford any other beads. I love hearts so this is the perfect bead for me too.
BEE – When I first started my bracelet, this was the one bead I wanted more than any other. I don’t know why, there is literally just something about it, I think it must be the crown. I saved and saved and then on holiday in Tenerife (when I got the frog charm) it was sitting there and I had enough spending money left to get it and it was cheaper than the UK, was super chuffed!
SWIRL BEAD – I found this bead so pretty and treated myself for no other reason than I liked it. No story here guys, sorry!
gingerbread crystal ghost charm
GINGERBREAD MAN – I love gingerbread men, case closed. Lewis brought this bead for me, to celebrate my love of that man shaped biscuit.
CRYSTAL BEAD – Another bead from my mum, so sparkly! I do have these in a few more colours but the little gems started to fall out of them not even a month after I got them. Not one for returning things (this was before I had to deal with horrid customers myself, nowadays I will return like the best of them!) I just took them off the bracelet. Bad quality there lovelinks…
GHOST – Along with the bee, I wanted this bead more than anything. It still is one of my favourites, I nagged my dad for weeks until I got it. 
pandora heart elephant pink charm

HEART – Lewis got me this bead for my birthday one year. Pretty self explanatory this one really, I suppose he can be romantic at times..

ELEPHANT – Elephants are one of my favourite animals, I really love them. So this one is an homage to my love of elephants.

PINK MURANO BEAD – Not really a story behind this one, my bracelet needed a splash of colour and this was the first bead that I brought myself with one of my first pay packets back in the day!

So thats the story about my bracelet, even talking about these beads bring back so many memories. Do you have any jewellery with stories? I would love to hear about them! ♥ 




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