Thursday, 2 May 2013

ladybird, ladybird fly away home.

I'm so excited that i'm finally managing to post. I treated myself to a Macbook which explains why I have been slightly missing on the ole blog. I hate not posting regularly but it has been slightly confusing trying to move everything over from my old laptop. Its second hand but was an absolute bargain, so yet again I am in debt paying mum back, I honestly don't think I will ever learn! But it was just too pretty to resist..

So today I have a nail design to show you, as I felt bad not having a Sunday nails this week. I used nails inc. 'St James' as the base and layered 2 coats of Barry M 'Ruby Glitter' on top, to create this effect. 

barry m ruby glitter nails inc st james
barry m ruby glitter nails inc st james
barry m ruby glitter nails inc st jamesbarry m ruby glitter nails inc st james

A lot of people have said the effect looks like ladybirds, which I never really noticed until it was pointed out but I think they're right. The pink glitter is so similar to the red nail varnish that it creates a slight sparkle leaving the black really bold. 

Are you a fan of ladybird nails? ♥


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