Friday, 10 May 2013

favourites: pastel nails

Earlier in the week I couldn't decide on a nail colour. The sun was shining (Where has it gone right?!) and I was in a bit of a pastel kind of mood. Naturally I couldn't decide with one, so I thought I would show you my Top 5 favourites.

favourite pastel nail varnish bottles
nail swatch of favourite pastels
I love pastels as they always seem to compliment each other really well. Lilac works so well as a pastel and is such a nice colour for spring. Honestly, I think everybody should own a good yellow, you can't help but smile seeing yellow nails, or this could just be me feeling overly summery! I really love the formula of barry m gelly, they just work so well and always have a lovely shine. They are definitely my favourite lower priced brand, amazing value for money. I have said it before and I will say it again, I know some people really don't like nails inc. but honestly I cannot fault the stuff at all (except the ridonculous price point!) everything about it really works for me and they have the most amazing colour choices.
pastel nail varnish swatches
swatch of favourite pastel nail varnish
barry m 'prickly pear' // nails inc 'sumner place' // nails inc 'albert place' // barry m 'greenberry' // nails inc 'powder pink'

Even though its currently raining, I can't help feeling cheery with the colour combo. I think you can just grab a couple of these colours and they will just sit really nicely together no matter which ones you choose to go together.

Are any of these your favourite pastels too? 


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