birthday love

birthday cake and candle
I love it when mum bakes cakes.
Birthday flowers.
smokey cat
The biscuits were already over the floor, promise!
me and lewis
So Saturday was my birthday! I had a lovely day, although it was a bit of a bittersweet day. On Friday Lewis’ dog passed away, which was heartbreaking and meant that we weren’t in the full of celebratory mood we would normally have been in. I still managed to have a really cute day though, full of cake and Disaronno. We had a small family gathering which was really lovely and we played pass the parcel which is compulsory for birthdays according to my 4 year old niece. It was also Eurovision on my birthday. Double win as it’s one of my favourite evenings..personally I wanted Greece to win, their song was too amazing.
I hope you all had a lovely weekend too, what did you get up to? 



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