sunday nails #24 – pink stripes

I actually managed to sit in the garden and paint my nails when I finished work yesterday, this is literally one of my favourite things to do so was really happy that the sun decided to grace us with its presence. Today’s nails are quite simple, due to the fact that I have been working quite a lot so haven’t had enough time to do anything too fantastical. Next week I promise there will be something on each nail! 

This week I used nails inc. ‘Chester Street’ as the base and added stripes of nails inc. ‘Shoreditch’ on the ring finger using striping tape. I then finished with 2 coats of nails inc. albert bridge topcoat.

sunday nails pink stripes nail varnish
sunday nails pink stripes nail varnish
sunday nails pink stripes nail varnish
I really love this effect and I think I have finally mastered the art of taking the striping tape off whilst the varnish is still wet, to get crisper lines!

You may also notice that I am now sitting at instead of a blogspot address, after finally making the plunge and getting a domain. How exciting! Don’t forget you can also follow me using the links below! ♥


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