Sunday, 14 April 2013

sunday nails #23 - barry m gelly paint 'prickly pear' + 'greenberry'

I honestly think I have some sort of issue. I can't even walk past a pharmacy without popping in to the make up section. This time I managed to pick up 2 new nail varnishes from Barry M. I love their Gelly range and was immediately drawn to 'Greenberry' and 'Prickly Pear' as they are lovely pastel shades ready for the summer!

barry m prickly pear greenberry
barry m prickly pear greenberry
barry m prickly pear greenberry
Barry M Gelly Nail Paint £3.99

Greenberry is a creamy mint green and Prickly Pear is a milky lilac, both of these shades complement each other really well too. A topcoat isn't really needed as the varnish is really shiny, although I used one for consistency. The formula is quite thick and to me it applied quite streaky although the colour evened out with drying. I really can't stop looking at my nails, the colours are so fun!

Are you a fan of the Gelly range? 


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