Friday, 19 April 2013

blueberry babe mud face mask

I have felt in such a strange mood recently with everything, you know when your physically somewhere but your mind is always somewhere else. I don't know what it is, I think I just feel a little bit lost in some ways. So I decided to have an evening of pampering and thought I would test out this mud mask from NPW. For £1.50 I didn't really expect much, but like I said I just really wanted pampering.
NPW blueberry babe mud mask £1.50

The smell reminds me of mixture between blueberries and calpol, blueberry calpol if you like? Not in a medicinal kind of way, just the way that calpol has a certain smell to it. The texture is really creamy, but not sticky, kind of like a thick moisturiser. Afterwards my face felt slightly tighter but really refreshed and cooled.  This is not the most amazing mask I have ever used, but I would definitely buy this again, if I was in need of a quick 5 minute refresher. 



  1. That looks really nice! Where can you buy it?
    I'm a new blogger and would love some loyal followers. And Il follow back

    1. I brought mine from Accessorize, but you can buy it from the NPW website too.


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