Thursday, 28 February 2013

nails inc. 'marylebone'

Before we start I want to apologise for my lack of blogging this week. I literally have been really short on time and leaving early/coming back late from work has meant that there has been no time left for my bloggle *sad face*  Adding this to the fact that it is always dark, has meant that I haven't even been able to take photos once I have finished..I must learn to take bulk photos on my days off! 
Anyway I managed to squeeze in a little bit of time today to show you one of my favourite nail varnishes! I literally couldn't believe that I hadn't blogged about it before. The colour in question is nails inc. 'marylebone' part of the 3D glitter range, this is a mix of silver and pink different sized glitter pieces. I love glitter as you know and this varnish is so versatile as it can be used as a bold full on glitter or used with other colours to create a faded effect, which I posted about before. (here)

nails inc marylebone swatch
nails inc marylebone reviewnails inc marylebone
nails inc marylebone
nails inc. 3D glitter 'marylebone' £11

Can you see why I love this colour?! Its the perfect mix of pastel glitters, at a glance the colour looks completely silver and its not until you take a closer look the pink starts to show through. Perfecto! 


Sunday, 24 February 2013

sunday nails #16 - studs!

I have been loving studded items lately, so thought this week I would combine studs with my Sunday nails post. If you follow me on instagram (@emmypops) then you would have seen that I posted a picture of this look earlier in the week, I love it so much I have kept it on. I painted 2 coats of nails inc. 'warwick way' then placed studs on every other nail using a cocktail stick dipped in topcoat. I then layered topcoat over the top to keep the studs in place.
sunday nails studs
studded nails
sunday nails studs

I really like the teal colour against the studs, it kind of gives a spring twist to an edgy look.
Are you a fan of studs? 

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

barry m glitter nail paint 'gold mine'

I have an obsession with Barry M nail paints lately. Every time I go into a shop that stocks them I have to go and have a little wonder to see what's new in the Barry M section. The most recent purchase is Gold Mine a black polish infused with gold glitter. 

barry m gold mine
barry m gold mine
barry m gold mine
barry m gold mine
Barry M Jewel Glitter Nail Paint 'Gold Mine' £2.99 

I used 2 coats of Gold Mine to give an opaque look, as it was quite streaky with one. I really like this colour, I only wish I had discovered it around Christmas time as it is perfect for the festive season. The colours work so well together and create a classic contrast, I think this would liven up a classic LBD outfit.

Have you tried Gold Mine? 


Monday, 18 February 2013

nails inc. kensington caviar hand lotion

I honestly have the roughest hands in the world. I always used to get told I had a builders hands when I was younger..insult much?! I have tried different hand creams and moisturisers for years but always forget to use them. Thats why the size of this hand lotion is so handy, i just end up chucking it in my handbag. I got this kensington caviar hand lotion as part of a set and I absolutely love it.

Kensington Caviar Hand Lotion £15 (full size)
This lotion is 'enriched with caviar extract' and claims to 'help reduce the appearance of fine lines'. I must admit it has left my hands feeling really soft and I feel that I no longer have builders hands ha! I also have to mention that it smells amazing! Kind of a mix between cocoa butter and jasmine or something similar. I think this might be one of the reasons I am addicted to using it, for the smell alone. 
I cannot find the 50ml size anywhere so I think this may only come as part of a set. Instead the full size 100ml version is available direct from nails inc. 

sunday nails #15 - glitter ring finger

I know, I know it's not Sunday! I worked a 12 hour shift yesterday and literally couldn't fit in time to post Sunday nails, but didn't want to leave it out completely so thought I would slot it in today. This isn't the most adventurous design I have done, but I knew my nails would be taking a bit of a bashing with stock take so opted for a simple design. I used nails inc. Manchester Square as a base and chose nails inc. Finsbury Park on my ring finger to add a bit of glitz.

Base - nails inc. manchester square
Ring - nails inc. Finsbury Park
No topcoat
This is such a simple design but I really like the effect! What do you think? 

don't worry, be happy.

image source

I have been thinking about doing this post for a long time, although I keep putting myself off. I have finally convinced myself to post this, as I am hoping it may be some kind of help to anyone that may suffer from anxiety.

I don't know why, I cannot help it. I worry about stupid things but I always have. The most mundane things can keep me awake at night, like my alarm not going off and being late for something or double checking I have done something at least 3 times before I can walk away from it.

I always used to say this was karma, as I used to wind my dad up when I was younger all of the time about his worrying. Before going on holiday he would ask mum if she had tickets and passport at least 5 times before we even left the house. I used to find this hilarious and say things like 'they're hardly going to jump out of the bag are they?' or say 'no your passports not in there' just to wind him up. To be honest he still does this now but now I sympathise with him and instead he says things like that to me, which sets me off worrying! Told you, karma right?

Anxiety is a horrible feeling, sometimes it gets to the point where you cannot breathe as the worry literally just bubbles up and feels like it is overtaking you. People look at you as if you are strange, simple tasks in life which no one really thinks about might really set you off worrying like locking the car or leaving hair straighteners plugged in and no one seems to understand what the worrying is for. I think I have started to get better over time, there was a point when I literally couldn't leave the house without checking everything was unplugged at least 3 times or I would start to panic. I felt that I needed to check so I didn't have to worry something would happen whilst I was out. 

I have had this week off work and I think it has been really good for me to take a step back from everything and just think. Nothing in life is worth making yourself ill over with worry and believe me I have been there.

I just wanted to give my advice to anyone who feels like this, talk to somebody! Even if its just a quick rant or a long chat, confiding in someone is probably the best comfort. Usually they can help you see there is nothing really to worry about! I have a horrible habit of worrying about things I don't have any control over, which is pointless, if its going to happen, it will anyway regardless of me worrying!

I'm not going to lie, I still worry about small things I think I always will, but nowhere near as bad as I used to. I have tried to control my worry more with the what's the worst that could happen? kind of attitude. I just started to think that life will always throw things in your way to challenge you, so I have started to deal with them once they are here as opposed to worrying waiting for their arrival! :) 

I hope this helps in some way, if you suffer from anxiety or have any tips leave them in the comments! 


Friday, 15 February 2013

benefit they're real! mascara

So, I have finally jumped on the bandwagon and purchased Benefit 'they're Real!' mascara. Only a travel sized one I admit, but nonetheless I finally own it. I have wanted to try this mascara for ages, but have been on a mission to use up some of the others I have hoarded away first. Like anything there is only so long I can go before I cave in *damn willpower* and being at the till point in Boots certainly didn't help my cause!  Purchase complete. The main question is does it live up to the hype?

benefit they're real mascara
benefit they're real mascara
benefit they're real mascara

benefit they're real mascara swatch
benefit they're real mascara swatch
Benefit They're Real Mascara £9.50 (Travel) OR £18.50 (Full Size) 
.....yes it does!
This mascara is really good at adding volume, although it did tend to clump my lashes together slightly in some places. I think this may be down to the drying time as it tends to dry super quickly so if you are applying more than 1 coat you may need to do it quicker than normal. I used two coats, but you could easily see the extra volume and length with one. 
These dramatic eyelashes are perfect for a night out and can provide a look as good as some false eyelashes you can get on the high street. The only downfall to me is that it is quite difficult to remove, I would recommend eye make up remover over wipes as this seems to make it easier! Other than that I am really impressed.
Have you tried this mascara? 


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

MAC sheen supreme lipstick 'quite the thing!'

There is something about MAC...I just can't seem to walk away without buying something, usually a lipstick. I literally can't even afford it, but I seem to swatch away and before I know it I am handing over money, its like some makeup spell gets cast on me and I can't resist. My mum doesn't help the cause though agreeing that I NEED that new lipstick/eyeshadow/blusher I think she just likes me being poor.

I originally fell in love with 'Strong Woman' from the Strength Collection but as I went to pay, I was told it was sold out. I was gutted! By now I was in the mindset of buying a lipstick, so chose a different colour. I picked the colour that I thought was closest to Strong Woman, so in the end I settled for 'Quite The Thing!'  Although the finishes are different, I think the general colour is pretty similar, (although this isn't going to stop me hunting down Strong woman!)

MAC sheen supreme 'quite the thing!' £14.50

Quite the Thing! is a sheen supreme finish, which I think is a mix between a gloss and a lipstick. It sits like a lipstick but has the same shine as a gloss, although it doesn't feel tacky on the lips. I don't mind this finish, but I wouldn't say its my first choice when it comes to choosing. The colour comes across as a light raspberry plum. If you look closely it has tiny blue glitter particles which give it that bluey/purple sheen.

I am so glad I chose this colour in the end, it is really pretty. I find that its definitely more of an wintery colour and whilst it is snowing here, now is the right time to be wearing it!

Are you a fan of sheen supreme finishes? 


Monday, 11 February 2013

cath kidston wishlist

Due to the snow and my fear of driving in it, I have been stuck in all day which only leads to one thing...window shopping. Me and Lewis have been talking about moving out for ages, but I can't even afford a new mascara let alone a house! Can you hear those violins ha. This doesn't stop a girl from dreaming though and aside from the swimming pool, games room and makeup room we have dreamed up, I want a vintage feel with the accessories and this is where Cath Kidston comes in. I absolutely love her prints and hers is always the first fabric I go to when dressmaking, before I go to one I can afford ha!

Anyway here is a few items I am currently lusting over...

1.ditsy provence mugs//2.provence rose cereal bowls//3.antique rose bouquet pillowcase//4.spray flowers breakfast set//5.royal rose cake tin set
Obviously, I know that when I move out we will be living on beans on toast so I most definitely won't be able to get anything like this but wouldn't it be perfect?! 


ghd pink cherry blossom styler

For Christmas Santa brought me some new ghd straighteners, as my old ones were on their way out. (The cable was literally hanging out and everything!) I have to say I don't straighten my hair an awful lot, when it was shorter I used to do it all the time otherwise the style wouldn't look right, but these days I tend to just leave it curly. I think this also has something to do with the time it takes to actually straighten my mop, being so thick and curly it takes a good few goes to straighten the curls out. I find not many straighteners can actually 'straighten' this mane, my hair just curls back up, believe me I have tried them all. I got this 'pink cherry blossom styler' from my lovely parents and thought I would test them out, hoping they would be as good as my last ones!

ghd cherry blossom styler case
The straighteners come in this beautifully embroidered cherry blossom case.
ghd cherry blossom styler
ghd cherry blossom styler
So this is my natural hair, slightly wild and extremely thick...
ghd cherry blossom styler review
ghd cherry blossom styler before
And these are the results...
ghd cherry blossom styler review
ghd cherry blossom styler review
ghd cherry blossom styler £129

I am more than impressed with these stylers, they managed to straighten my hair with ease and the whole process seemed a lot quicker than with any previous straighteners, so who knows maybe I will start straightening more. Another thing I love is that they are PINK, my inner Barbie is squeeling with joy! On the ghd website it states that 'for every pink cherry blossom styler sold in the UK, £10 is donated to Breakthrough Breast Cancer' which I think is such a nice idea.

I'm so happy with these ghd's, in my opinion if they can get through my hair, they can get through anyones!

What do you prefer curly or straight? 


Sunday, 10 February 2013

sunday nails #14 - barry m nail paint 'pink sapphire glitter'

I have had such a lazy day today, obviously planning my week off as I mean to go on! I went to see my friend who I haven't seen for a while and we ended up having an afternoon filled with Lion King, Chocolate and painting nails. As you can imagine this is the best kind of afternoon, although I always find time goes too quickly when you're enjoying yourself.

Anyway onto today's nails. As it is Valentines this week, I thought I would opt for something to suit the occasion. I brought barry m nail paint 'pink sapphire glitter' earlier in the week and thought this would be perfect as it is a mix of different pink and holographic glitter pieces. 

barry m pink sapphire glitter
barry m nail paint glitter
pink sapphire glitter swatch
pink sapphire glitter

I layered this nail varnish over nails inc. 'Walton Place' as I knew this glitter wouldn't be enough to cover the whole nail, so thought it would be quite nice to have a lighter pink showing through. I love the different shaped glitter pieces and I can't describe how sparkly it is, perfect for that evening in or date night. This look is done with 3 coats, leaving plenty of drying time in-between.
What have you done today, or have you had a lazy day too? 

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Friday, 8 February 2013

could you be my yellow when I'm feeling grey?

Hello sweets, I thought that I spend a lot of time reviewing makeup and showing swatches but I never actually show you how I wear it in my day to day life. I think that more FOTD posts needed...

face rock n mauve
face rock n mauve

For this look, I used...

Face - L'Oreal anti redness primer
           MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation 'NW20'
           MAC blush 'Springsheen' (swatch)
Brows - Benefit Brow Zings 'medium'

Eyes - Urban Decay 'Naked' eyeshadow
           Umberto Giannini Painted Lady Feliner 'Black'
           Bourjois Blackjack mascara (swatch)

Lips - L'Oreal Rouge Caresse Lipstick 'Rock 'n Mauve' (swatch)

What do you think of this look, would you enjoy more fotd posts? 


Tuesday, 5 February 2013

pink and blue gradient

A post today to show you my gradient nails, I haven't done a gradient in a while and thought I would start practising again. I absolutely love the effect and chose to use 2 bold colours today. I used nails inc. 'albert place' and nails inc. 'pink power' to create the effect

pink power albert place gradient
nails inc gradient

I didn't even notice until I took the pictures, that I had managed to smudge the annoying. But I thought the colours worked so well together that I would show you anyway, even though it is going against everything the perfectionist in me is saying ha!

Do you like this colour combo? 

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