Sunday, 25 November 2012

sunday nails #4 - accessorize 4d nails 'stardom'

I have actually been so excited to try these out since I got them and I knew they had to be part of this weeks Sunday nails. I love the look of Caviar manicures as they are so unusual and wanted to attempt one myself. I chose Accessorize 4D nails 'Stardom' a set which includes a silver varnish, with a pot of blue, silver and black bobbles. To start with I was a bit unsure of how well it was going to work, but it was literally the easiest thing I have ever done. Just paint, tip the bobbles on and add a layer of topcoat, hey presto!


Base - Accessorize 4D 'Stardom'
Ring Finger - Bobbles included in set
Topcoat - Barry M 'All in One'
I only opted for one nail as I knew by the time I finished work half of the bobbles would be missing, which would drive me insane and result in me picking the whole lot off haha! The effect reminds me of the little sweeties that you get in Liquorice Allsorts and when I have a day off, I will do every nail and sit there like a princess not touching anything!

This set is available to buy from Accessorize here!

What do you think? Are you a fan of Caviar nails?


Saturday, 24 November 2012

lush cream eyeshadow 'happiness'

I have always been a fan of Lush Cosmetics, but have never had a chance to try their makeup range. For me, I always just seem to get sidetracked by the bath bombs and soaps, so never really venture over to the makeup section. My lovely friend brought me an eyeshadow from Lush when I got engaged, It was part of a beautiful parcel and she said 'Happiness' was the right choice for the occasion! (cute right?!)

Lush Cream Eyeshadow 'Happiness' £14.50
Happiness is a nice, glowing golden eyeshadow which is perfect for autumn. The colour is so metallic it reminds me of liquid metal.

On its own this eyeshadow is a bit too pale for me, I definitely need a darker colour between my eye and a lighter eyeshadow so this is how I wore it...

I preferred wearing this eyeshadow with a layer of black as it added an extra depth of colour when I blinked. This eyeshadow lasted me all day, without having to touch it up at all and kept its metallic shimmer without fading.

I love the colour and I will definitely try another cream eyeshadow from Lush. What do you think? 


Sunday, 18 November 2012

sunday nails #3 - spots

Following on from last weeks stripe themed Sunday nails, the next obvious step for me was spots! I haven't really had a lot of spare time this week, hence not blogging too much but it was nice to actually sit down and do my nails properly. For this I used a dotting tool to do the dots obviously, ;) over 2 coats of nails inc. 'Shoreditch' and randomly scattered some dots all over the nails.

Base - nails inc. 'Shoreditch'
Dots - nails inc. 'Albert Place' and nails inc. 'Seven Dials'
Topcoat - Barry M 'All in one Nail Paint'

I really like all of the colours together, reminds me of an easter egg! Although it's probably not the right time of year for that haha!


Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Now Christmas is my favourite time of year, once its over I am the annoying person that sits counting down how many days until next year. I would walk around covered in tinsel if I could, well maybe not that extreme but you get the point! This also means that I love Christmas clothing, seriously the cheesier and more festive the better! Here are my favourites that I have spotted so far this year..

1-Jumper/River Island/£35//2-Cat Jumper/ASOS/£30//3-Onesie/River Island/£30//4-Tights/Tights Please/£8.98//

I am loving the jumper from River Island, Especially the cute little row of puddings!

Do you love Christmas as much as me or are you a bit of a scrooge? 


Tuesday, 6 November 2012

baby, it's cold outside..

This is my absolute favourite jumper at the minute! The weather is getting colder and the knitwear is making a welcome appearance in my wardrobe. 

Jumper - Love Label (I got mine from Littlewoods!)
Skirt - Therapy

I love this jumper as its so colourful but still has the safety net of a black background. Every time I wear it I do get the sudden urge to start knitting though!

What do you think? Would you wear this jumper or is it too colourful? 


Sunday, 4 November 2012

sunday nails #1 - models own 'freak out' + barry m 'blue plum'

I have decided that every Sunday I am going to share with you my favourite nails that I have been sporting throughout the week. It could be a different varnish, combination or nail art. I have so many nail varnishes lying around that I really need to start experimenting more with them, so here it goes!

There's nothing I love more than layering glitter! The only thing I don't love is trying to get it all off again! I treated myself to Models Own 'freak out' from their Mirrorball collection (well it was the only one sitting on the shelf so I couldn't not, could I?!) The colours literally had me so excited, I rushed home to use it straight away I knew exactly what I was going to pair it with - Barry M Gelly Hi Shine 'Blue Plum'.

Base - Barry M Gelly Hi Shine 'Blue Plum'
Glitter - Models Own Mirrorball 'Freak Out'
Topcoat - Barry M All In One Nail Paint
I physically don't have the heart to take this off my nails, I love it so much! Freak out is beautiful, I'm loving the hint of pink in the small glitter pieces. The varnish is made up of glitter shavings if you like as each piece is different. Blue Plum is a lovely denim colour, which has a slight teal hint to it too. I am definitely going to be treating myself to another bottle from the Mirrorball collection!

What do you think of this colour combination? 

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