Sunday, 19 August 2012

MAC frost lipstick 'fluid'

Well you can safely say this lipstick definitely isn't my colour! It looks so lovely in the bullet, but on me it is just way too dark! That's probably just as well though, as it is mums lipstick, I just borrowed it to show you swatches as promised! :)

I'm not really a fan of frost lipsticks that much, if I want that effect I usually go for a gloss. Mum loves frost finishes, but not in an 80s retro kind of way, they actually really suit her. Whereas I'm just trying to find a frost that has that wow factor for me! MAC Fluid comes across as a reddish brown colour with flecks of bronze. It has a nice shimmer and is very pigmented, although it is a bit too dark for my colouring, I think I prefer my coraly pinks!

What do you think of frost lipsticks? Are there any good ones to recommend? 


Thursday, 9 August 2012

union jack nails!

Yes I have finally jumped on the bandwagon ha! Now I am not going to say I am the biggest Olympics fan ever and quite frankly I don't usually like sport. But there has been something about this Olympics that has had me hooked, which is something that I thought I would never be. I'm sure next week I will be back to normal and hate sport again hehe! Anyway now that I have discovered my new found love for sport, I thought I would show my support for Team GB with a nice pink twist!

Base - nails inc. 'Manchester Square'
Union Jack - nails inc. 'Manchester Square' and 'Shoreditch'
17 'Fairy Cake'
Topcoat - nails inc. - 'Albert Bridge Topcoat'

I am so pleased with how this turned out! What do you lovelies think? Go Team GB! 

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