Wednesday, 30 May 2012

MAC cremesheen lipstick 'Hot Gossip'

So I've finally used the MAC gift voucher that my lovely brother got me for my birthday! I definitely had a case of 'kid in a candy shop' syndrome. I knew I wanted a lipstick but really had trouble choosing (too many beautiful colours!). Eventually I decided on Hot Gossip, a Cremesheen lipstick, which is a nice sheer mix between salmon pink and plum.

Thumbs up for my first MAC lipstick! It's such a nice colour, suitable for everyday use too, which is just what I wanted. 

Have you tried this lipstick? What's your favourite lipstick shade? 


Friday, 25 May 2012

nails inc. sprinkles 'sweets way'

As I received my birthday £5 discount from nails inc. I thought I would try out something new! I've been hearing a lot about new nails inc. sprinkle polishes so went for one of these! Luckily being a VIP I got 10% off plus my birthday £5 off so it only cost me £4.90 which obviously I was really happy with! I chose 'Sweets Way' as it looked the most interesting to me and I love glitter so figured it would be perfect.

I've had it on for a few days now, but I really can't decide whether I like it or not. Sometimes I look at it and I like the uniqueness of it, the way lots of pastel colours are all mixed together, so from far away they look like paint splatters (or sprinkles ;)) But then other times to me, it looks like I have painted my nails with that glue I used to play with when I was little that peels off.. I really don't know if this is just due to the base colour of the varnish, as in some lights it comes across really milky, but it kind of puts me off a bit.

I am really on the fence with this polish, hence having it on for longer than I normally would. So far there are 4 to chose from in the Sprinkles collection and I am really tempted to try another one, but to me £11 is a bit of a push for me to just be disappointed again, so we will see!

Have any of you tried a polish from the 'Sprinkles' collection? What did you think? 

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Its funny what you think of when your daydreaming. I have been absolutely loving this weather and taken full advantage of my time off work by slobbing out in the garden! So whilst daydreaming today I came up with the idea to do tiger themed nails.

This was my first time at doing 'freehand' nail art apart from the odd spot and was really easy to do. For the base I used 17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish in 'Glisten' and for the stripes I used Models Own Nail Art Pen in 'Black Night'. I used the brush end so I could change the width of the strokes. Overall I'm really pleased with the overall effect, simple minds eh?

17 nail polishes are available from Boots here.

Have you done any animal themed nail art recently? 


Sunday, 20 May 2012

i love...florals

I had quite a bit of fun doing my 'I love' post, that I'm thinking of making it a bit of a regular thing. This weeks theme is, florals. Ditsy florals are everywhere and I absolutely love them, whether you into really pretty tea dresses or if they're a bit too girly for you, there is definately a floral pattern out there for everyone.

1 Victorian Flowers Dr Martens, Schuh (£90) These are my favourite boots ever! When I decided I was going to pick 'florals' I knew these had to be included! They are so pretty, even if your not that into floral patterns, these are still plain enough to suit you but with a hint of edginess!

2 Flower Garland Headband, New Look (£5.99) Floral headbands seem to be everywhere I look. I think this is down to Lana Del Rey and her videos. I think these look lovely with long wavy locks.

3 Glamorous Floral Dress, Bank (£30) I love the pattern and style of this dress! I wouldn't wear it on its own because I like to cover my tummy as much as possible. But even with a lace camisole underneath it would hide that and add a new layer to the dress too.

4 Bandeau Swimsuit, River Island (£25) I love the style of this swimsuit, it is so flattering if you like to cover up a bit whilst on the beach. The frill along the top sets it off just nicely.

5 Ted Baker Ikon Floral bag, asos (£35) If there one thing I love nearly as much as nail varnish, its bags! But not just any old bags, Ted Baker bags. There's something about ol' 'Teddy B' that I love and the style of this bag is no exception.

6 Nail Rock Waikiki Orchid nail wraps, asos (£6.70) Obviously I wouldn't have been able to do this without adding something nail related. I've never tried nail wraps before, so I think the colours of this one would be a good place to start for the summer.


Saturday, 19 May 2012

birthday nails

Yesterday was my birthday. Yippee! I had an absolutely amazing day!! Filled with lots of cake, food and company! Unfortunately I'm still on antibiotics, so couldn't drink :( but I still had a brilliant day! Obviously as it was my birthday I had to have birthday nails! ;) my mum brought me a beautiful lace dress so I tried to match the colour as best as I could. (I'm thinking of maybe doing an outfit post at some point too!)

I used nails inc. Seven Dials as a base, but then felt it needed that bit of extra sparkle. This is where I added a very fine layer of nails inc. Electric Lane Holographic Topcoat. I love this polish, the glitter is so tiny but as soon as it catches the light its like the sparkle comes from nowhere..pretty distracting!

I loved these nails and they matched the dress pretty well too! Now I'm going to change the subject completely, look at these amazing cakes that my mum made, they tasted just as yummy as they look!

What do you guys think? I hope you're having a nice weekend. 


Thursday, 10 May 2012

free nails inc. with instyle magazine!

I have been meaning to do this post since the weekend, but I have tonsillitis, so have just been slobbing in front of the telly watching Britain's Got Talent! Most of you have probably already heard about this offer but if not, it is so worth it! With every copy of InStyle magazine, is a free nails inc. varnish (worth £11). There are 3 colours to choose from and the magazine only costs £3.80.

I found this offer so amazing I brought 2! The only colour I didn't get was Peach Sorbet, as it was so close to a few colours I have already!
But here are the two that I chose..

This colour is beautiful, lovely pastel blue with hints of lilac to it! 

Pink Power
This is my favourite a milky pink with that purple hint to it. It reminds me of
 a creamy magenta!

This offer is even better as the colours have been made especially for InStyle so there's no risk of doubling up! After my nails inc. Bakerloo Transitions post, my faith in this brand has been restored! I knew it wouldn't take much! ;)


Monday, 7 May 2012

i love....yellow.

Yellow seems to be everywhere at the minute. Pastel colours are adorning every shop, but the sun is not playing ball! As much as I want to wear my nice pretty summer clothes, one look outside and I go back to my drab winter wear.
This is a very different kind of post for me, I love fashion as much as nail varnish, so I hope you like it! :)

1 Sweetheart neck top, Topshop (£25) I know this isn't yellow, but it links everything together so well that I had to include it and it goes with the dip dye jeans so nicely!

2 Yellow Dazzle Dust, Barry M (£4.59) You can't go wrong with Dazzle Dust, the vibrancy can be built up as needed and the yellow has glitter bits in too.

3 Daisy Chain Bando, Accessorize (£6) I love anything floral and this is so cute, reminds me of when I used to make daisy chains when I was little. Perfect for festivals or when we eventually see some sun!

4 Fearne Cotton Dip Dye Jeans, Very (£29) I need these in my life! The very on trend pastel with a lovely gradient twist, absolutely love them!

5 Polka Dot bow clip, Topshop (£8.50) This is so, so cute. Even if yellow is a bit too much for an outfit, this would make a lovely finishing touch.

6 Knack Sandals, Kurt Geiger (£95) I was always told 'you get what you pay for' and I know KG can come across as really expensive sometimes but they really do last forever. I've had a pair of KG sandals, for nearly 3 years now and they are still in perfect could always wait for their sale! (That's what I do!)

7 Sumner Place, nails inc. (£11) This is really naughty, as I do already have this polish. It just fitted in with my theme so well, that I knew it had to be included. Its a lovely lemon yellow. Perfecto!

So that's it for my first 'love' list, what do you think? 
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